Monday, June 30, 2014

Finishitis - Startitis

I have finished my most recent big project: The jumper is James by Amy Miller in Tosh Merino Light in the Grey Garden colourway that I bought at Bendigo last year.  I have knit it on 4 mm needles and love the fabric.  It used just less than 3 skeins which was fantastic and it relaxed a little once I washed/blocked it.  I am going to have to do a row of stabilising stitching around the neckline as my one mistake was my original cast on, which should have been a cable cast on or some other non-stretchy cast on, but I used my usual backwards loop cast on which stretches beautifully.   Not something you particularly want on a neckline!  I have worn it a few times already and it is lovely and warm for a 4 ply.  I have more Tosh Merino Light in another colourway (black currant) and it is VERY tempting to make this again.  Pattern is very straightforward and easy to follow and uses clever short row shaping to make the neckline.  Definitely going to get a lot of wear out of this one!

Getting photos of my garments is always a chore, I am super critical of myself in photos and find it really hard to get shots I like.  This time round after a false start by me, I employed the services of my 6 and 8 year sons.  It only took us 6 shots this time.

I tried first and had trouble aiming the camera:

Then the 6 year old tried, he had trouble with the focussing:

 The 6 year old tried again and got better focus but found it hard to hold the camera steady:

 Then the 6 year old with instructions to just do the jumper, he had great composition but the camera was just too heavy for him to manage.

 So the 8 year old was called in and he did a great job with the focussing and composition:

And after being reminded I just wanted the jumper in the shot, he took the photo shown here:

Not bad for a bunch of amateurs!

Now of course I want to finish the little things that are hanging around, 2 pairs of socks (the orange ones and the green/black ones) and a scarf and cast on the next round of things.  I have started and finished 2 hats in the past week the Cloche enough for Jazz and the Library Cloche, they are both drying now and will hopefully go to their new home tomorrow.  A friend is going through chemo and her hair has begun to fall out so these will be a welcome addition to her wardrobe for the current and continuing cold weather.

So the needles will be emptying out very soon and I'm looking around for the next option.  With the annual trek to Bendigo for the Australian Wool and Sheep show fast approaching maybe it will be small things until I've seen what the new yarn options might be!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The mysteries of children

One of the mysteries of children that has become more obvious in the past couple of months is their attitude to the various piles of washing in the house.

We don't have a clothes drier, so if things needs drying away from the weather we have 3 clothes horses.  Dry clothes from the washing line land in a chair in the lounge room or the not quite dry ones land onto one of the clothes horses and then onto the chair.  Once on the chair they get folded and the children are encouraged to put theirs away, generally with a certain amount of whinging on their behalf.

So, when looking for clothes, the children start in their cupboards, they then complain about not being able to find clothes and are directed to the chair and when really pushed, they check out the clothes horses for whatever it is they are looking for.  But, and this is a big but, if not directed to look on the chair, the washing on it does not exist.  It's always a surprise to them that there might be clothes of theirs on it.

Now, a couple of months ago I folded their stuff and placed it on the couch in separate, sorted piles so it was in their way when they got home and they weren't allowed to have free time (screen time, craft time, etc) until their clothes were away.  This seemed to work nicely.  Now, depending on the day, sometimes I put the clothes on the couch, sometimes on the chair.

This afternoon, the children walked through the front door, into the lounge, spotted the clothes on the couch and groaned about the washing and put it all away...WITHOUT ME ASKING!

There's been piles of clothes on the chair for days and they have done nothing about them!

Mystery Number 1:  What makes the couch so special?  Why is it that clothes on couch = put away, but clothes on chair = ignore?

Mystery Number 2:  If the clothes are sorted into piles on the chair and they have in fact gone through the piles looking for other items, why is it they still don't exist and can stay on the chair for days at a time?

Mystery Number 3:  How can two pieces of furniture, in the same room, less than 3 metres apart have such different responses?

Ah the joys of children!