Thursday, May 8, 2014

When last I was here...

I was working on a Harvest Moon which is now completed and with it's new owner who is very pleased with the new addition to her wardrobe, so that is fantastic!

I was halfway through another Tempest for me, today it is sitting out in the sun drying out the last little bit.  

All it needs now is buttons and it will go into rotation in the wardrobe.  I'm thinking I might give the Tempest pattern a rest for a little while and try my hand at something else.  If nothing else I know that I can come back to it and it suits me and my shape so that is great.

The limbo socks were indeed ripped and have been restarted on a smaller size and being toe up are now half way up the foot and I need to pull out the directions and work out what is next.  They are easier this time round, having been here before and they fit so much better this time as well.

I started a new pair of simple socks for J.  He's had a Zauberball floating around for a while, so now these are on the needles.  They are top down, made up in my head, and I have just reached the heel flap so they are going well.

In between times I needed something quick and easy so I pulled out a pattern for my nieces.  Using Bendigo Cotton I whipped up a Carnaby in next to no time.  It just needs some wide elastic in the waist band and it can go live with Miss A.  She tried it on for me on Tuesday night and it looks very cute indeed.  I might need to make a matching one for her sister Miss M first though or there may be some upset feelings.  We'll see how we go.

I started and finished a shawl for a lovely friend who is going through a hard time just now.  The shawl came out beautifully and I was able to keep the cats away from it as it dried so there are no catches in it anywhere, phew!  Couldn't keep the two legged helper away though!

And as is always the way when you approach the  finish of something, the cast on bug arrives and you start to think about what might be next...

I pulled out the Squared cardigan that I put aside at the beginning of the year with the intention of continuing the re-knit.  The original almost completed cardigan was way too big, it was my own fault.  I had frogged all of the body pieces and rewound them into balls and they had just been sitting around waiting for me to show an interest again.  So I cast on the back and worked the first bottom band section and then I set it aside, again.  There was something bugging me about the whole thing and I couldn't put my finger on it.

Fast forward to last night and I was looking through lots of lovely patterns and thinking about the yarn in which to make the items and I had a light bulb moment.  It occurred to me that part of my problem with the Squared cardigan in this yarn was that I didn't like the fabric that it was making.  It was too dense.   So it is going to be completely frogged and I will play with the gauge until I get the feel of fabric I am after and I will do the calculations and start again.  

Lucky for me, around that time, a friend posted on Ravelry that a designer was having a sale, so I went through the designer's patterns and noticed there was a jumper I was wanting to knit.  So I now have the James pattern and I'm thinking of teaming it with this gorgeous MadelineTosh Tosh Merino Light.

Time to get the ball winder and swift out methinks!