Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Today I am happy that it is sunny.  Even if it clouds over later, this morning it has been sunny and the washing is hanging out in the sun drying itself.  Gotta be pleased with that.

Today I am happy that even though I have the tail end of a cold, I am not sick and none of my immediate or extended family is sick either.

Today I am happy that there is a new niephew (niece/nephew) arriving in July to the very great pleasure of his/her expectant parents and extended family.

Today I am happy that I have the ability to use my knitting skills to help others and myself.

Today I am happy that despite the fears and unknown of re-launching myself into the great world of paid employment, I am taking steps, no matter how small, to get me there and I am seeking help along the way.

Today I am happy.

P.S.Gift knitting for new babies is lots of fun and quick too!

 A newborn sized Milo (Ravelled here)
A nine month old sized Milo (Ravelled here)