Friday, November 8, 2013


The children had the second round of orientations into new classes for next year at school today.  They seem to be coping quite well with this change, which is really nice.  Other years, Orientation has set off all sorts of anxieties.  The youngest is coping better then I thought he would.  It helps that even though the teachers are not necessarily ones he has had before, he has become familiar with them around the school during the year.  He is one who doesn't like change so much, the familiar is reassuring and at his age, just turned 6, I don't blame him really.

We also have a lot going on in the family at the moment, my FIL's health is declining and he has spent the past 2 weeks in hospital recovering from a bout of Pneumonia.  We have had to alert the children to the state of his poor and declining health and they have each taken that on board as we expected.  Unfortunately FIL has a degenerative lung condition and while his symptoms can currently be relieved it will get to the point where that is no longer possible.  It's a difficult situation in many ways with decisions being made that have left us astounded on a regular basis.  We are trying to be understanding, but there are days when that is very hard and you just want to yell at someone.  We are offering help when it will be accepted and that's all we can do for now, in the end it's not our decision, we have to live with what they decide, it would just be easier if there was a flow of information rather than a black hole followed by apparently ridiculous decision making.

In the meantime I have been knitting.  No surprise there really :-)

I finished the mitts I was working on in the pattern to match the Thyone cardigan.

I finished my third Tempest.  I have been wearing it today despite it not having buttons. I will have to go shopping for some as I don't have appropriate ones stashed away anywhere.  I made the same adjustment to this one as the second of making it more of a V-neck than the original which is a high curved neck and knitting it all in one piece from the bottom up including the sleeves from the armhole up and then knitting them down the arm afterwards.  In the end I had 6 g of the main colour left and 16 g of the multicolour yarn left.   It is the perfect length and with the addition of buttons will be much more useful on those slightly cooler days like today.  Another wardrobe staple to be sure. Woot!

The Teacher's socks were tried on for size and declared too tight so they were frogged and have been restarted in a 2x2 rib to allow for more elasticity at the heel and firmness around the ankle and foot.  they are almost at the heel, but since they are swimming lesson knitting they don't see a lot of airtime so progress will be slow.

I started a new garment, a Squared cardigan, for me from my book Knit to Flatter.  I have dutifully photographed and measured myself and am hoping that using this info I will get another beautiful garment that fits well, looks good and has that little bit of extra chest space where it is needed :-)

This week has been a busy one despite being a short school week.  We have had the fencing guys here the last three days pulling down the fence, installing posts and erecting the palings.  It was a disgrace out there with dirt having come under the fence from the other side because of the downed fence, it's been coming down in bits and pieces over the past 12 months.  I had a helper who earned himself some pocket money by taking the wheel barrow out the back and dumping it while I did the next section each time.  I was happy because I didn't have to stop working every 5 minutes and he was happy because he got to help and earn money at the same time.

Under all of those weeds and dirt are concrete grass pavers.  We had to move a trailer load's worth of dirt to the backyard before they were unearthed!

The new fence needed to be put in low enough to stop the steady stream of soil from the higher gardens on the other side.  Having land at a lower level on our side is a pain, the new plinth (board that runs horizontal along the bottom) is 2.5 times as thick as the standard boards now so that it will take a lot longer to rot out than before.  The new palings were put on today and it's actually a bit of a shock to have a full fence again!  I will have to find some light weight creepery things to grow along it to hide it a bit I think!

This weekend there is one party to attend for one of the kids and the in-laws to visit so it should be a nice break after the hard work of last weekend :-)

5 comments: said...

I love your new Tempest! I would love to start mine (remember that blue and grey yarn I bought at Bendi?) but I want to finish my Same Same first.

Yay for gardening and general home improvement - isn't it satisfying to make a plan and make it all work, and be able to look at it every day with pride??? said...

Sorry, I lost track of which info was in which post- I meant to include my sympathies for your family's worries at the moment- I'm sure the feelings of being out of the decision-making process make it so much harder to make peace with the situation. My best wishes and supportive thoughts to your hubby.

2paw said...

I have found that the decision making at times of trauma can be very weird. You just ahve to go with the flow and maybe find a friend who will listen to get it out of your system?? Or shout into a hole in the garden?
I love, love, love your Tempest. So lovely!!!

kgirl said...

I can only empathise regarding your family's sad times at the moment - watching degeneration and knowing inevitable outcomes is so difficult. There is no good rule book to follow unfortunately :( Shouting to the wind is sometimes the most productive thing you can do, in honesty.

Your Tempest is so lovely - perhaps buttons are optional on this one?

glad your boys are taking to transition better this time round too :) XX

Kat McNally said...

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