Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting back in the habit.

It's Friday.  Middle child is off having a sleep over at school so the house will be quieter than usual tonight.  Husband is out at a writer's thing so there's another one not here.  I think leftovers will be the way to go for those of us left at home!

I finished my jumper a couple of weeks ago now.  It came with us when J and I had a weekend away to celebrate my birthday (without the kids).  I love it.  I love the feel of the fabric and the shape of the neckline.  This one is going to be worn a lot!

I have been working on the Harvest Moon some more, sleeves have been separated and I'm working down the body now.  It's just under half way there by weight.  The joy of knitting with large gauge yarn is how speedy a few rows make for extra length!

The teacher's socks are coming along, I suspect I need to get J to try them on and see if they might be a bit tight to get on and off, I may have to frog and start again a bit wider.  We'll see.

I am almost at the end of my third Tempest, I'm working both sleeves at the same time, it's not my preferred method but when you know you'll be running short of yarn it's the best way of making sure the two sleeves match!  Fortunately the more solid colour is the same as the jumper I recently finished, and despite being a lighter gauge, if I need to use some of the finer yarn to do the button band that won't be a problem.  So I'm working down the sleeves, I think I have enough yarn to do one more solid stripe and then that will be it.  I'm happy for this one to be elbow length or 3/4 length if that is where they end.  I'm thinking this one will be a Spring/Summer/Autumn but not Winter cardy.   So close to having another garment done!

Found a basic pattern to model the mitts I am making on.  Combining that with the patterning from the Thyone cardigan I have made most of one and half of a second mitt.  The first one just needs the thumb done, the second one is up to the beginning of the colour changes.

I haven't started anything else just yet, but there are ideas percolating away for the next item :-)

Also, found a new source of cheap, girly shoes.  Needed a couple of pairs for Summer, all set now for the very cheap total price of $25.

4 comments: said...

Love that jumper - so pretty! and the Tempest looks like it will be very cheerful and uplifting for the spirits!
Yay for quiet nights - mine is less so tonight, as coldy-child woke up sad from her early sleep and is now in bed with me, munching a Herman cake and leaving crumbs on Craig's side of the bed.

Lynne Shandley said...

Next time I am home, you will need to lock up that Tempest - it is the perfect colours ;-D
Sounds like your boys are giving you a bit more freedom these days and your baby is six now? He was only little and you were escaping for the afternoon when we first met!

kgirl said...

beautiful colour (for both your jumper projects!) The blue one is such a wearable style - love it.

2paw said...

Now that is a gorgeous jumper, and looks wonderful. What is the pattern?? I should know!! I need a new tempest. I have worn mine out!!!