Thursday, August 22, 2013

The grass is greener...

As time passes, I forget to take stock of my successes, it's easier to think of all of the things I haven't gotten to.

For instance: knitting and sewing.  I do an awful lot of the first and barely any of the second.  When I knit I relax and am productive and see my progress.  When I sew it is the same.  Making the time for the sewing is a challenge.  Not because I don't have the time at the moment but because it's easier to sit in my chair lean over and grab my knitting.  Sewing means getting the machine out, setting it up, finding my current project sorting where I am up to and getting started.  That hurdle of getting set up seems to be enormous so instead I knit and regret not sewing when I should be enjoying the knitting.  We are funny creatures.  The grass is always greener and all that.

So, I have been knitting.  No surprise there really.  What have I been knitting though?

Well, since finishing the little vests for my now safely arrived niece I have:

Finished a pair of socks for J

Finished a Wingspan for M

Re-knit a pair of socks for my sister

Knit an Afternoon Tea shawl for my baby niece's mother, my lovely Sister-in-Law, it has been happily received which is awesome :-)

Made a pair of socks for M and

Made a lacy pair of socks for my Mother-in-Law's 75th Birthday present.  I rang and asked her for her shoe size, she was a bit suspicious, asking if I was going to buy her a pair of shoes.  I declined to confirm or deny her suspicion.  These socks will be carefully wrapped, placed in the bottom of a shoe box and a pair of purple snake skin thongs (Aussie meaning) are being placed on top. The box will be wrapped in lovely Birthday paper and I will so be smirking as she opens the package :-)

What's currently on the needles?
A pair of socks for me being made with yarn I bought while away on my annual pilgrimage to Bendigo with the lovely Hustler St girls.  I have finished the heel turn on the first sock and am up to the gusset decreases.  This is my current carry along with me knitting project, so they shouldn't take too long.

I am on the second sleeve cuff of this cardigan.  Once complete it just needs a button and neck band and it will be complete.

I have stopped working on a jumper for me whilst working on this cardigan as they need the same needle size and for some reason I don't seem to have two sets of this size.  The body needs another inch or two and then it will be split for the arms.  So it's probably more than halfway done in terms of the complete item.  Once I get back to it, it should be a pretty quick completion.

My third Tempest is also on hold, this time just due to having no time to work on it!  I will get back to it, probably after I finish the jumper.

Plans for what's next?  

Well I have fresh new yarn to make dresses for my three little nieces.  My three big nieces will not be getting knitted dresses!  It seems I like purple tones so these will all be either a purple based multicolour or a stripe with a plain purple and a purple multi.  Lots of fun knitting ahead.  

I also have the next big project planned.  I will be making a Harvest Moon Cardigan in MadelineTosh Vintage in the colour Mulled Wine.  I need to do the tension swatches first though!  

So there you go for the knitting.  In that same period of time, what have I sewn?  Not a stitch unless you count weaving in ends on knitting.  But you know what? Considering how much knitting I have done these last two months, that's not surprising really.  I think I need to schedule in some sewing time!  


kgirl said...

oh, the single sentence describing the process of *starting* a sewing session - THAT! that's why I so rarely sew too, despite loving it.

We need permanent craft rooms/sheds/studios.

Your knitting (both volume and content) is lovely and impressive, as always, too :)

2paw said...

Wow, that is a whole lot of knitting. No wonder you haven't had time to sew. I love the red colour on the Wingspan, the lace on the Afternoon Tea shawl is so pretty too. Nice socks and your MIL will be quite surprised!! I always fancy a little sewing and knitting mixed up. I can finish a sewing thing in an afternoon sometimes.

Lynne said...

Seems to me that you've been pretty busy! I remember writing a post a while ago on the ease of knitting compared to sewing projects -- that's why knitting will probably always be my "go to" craft!