Thursday, March 21, 2013

The end of Term is fast approaching

The past 8.5 weeks have been full of surprises.

The biggest one being how well and how quickly the youngest has settled into school.  By week three when I needed to help my sister out, I was allowed to drop them all in the car park and wish them well and the youngest refused one of his brothers accompanying him to class, "I can do it myself Mum".  Cue me being equally grateful that he feels so comfortable at school and appalled that I am no longer needed all the while rushing off to be in the City on time to help my sister out with her young kids.  There is no way I could have done the same thing with either of the other two 3 weeks into Prep!  Today was school assembly and the youngest received an award for "Praising his fellow classmates and reading like a champ!"  I think he is totally in the right place and am so grateful he feels comfortable and has a wonderful interaction going with his classmates and teacher.

The middle and eldest child have had trouble settling into the new year of school.  This was especially surprising in light of how the Preppie settled in.  H had a lot on his mind, he's learning more about reading the social cues around him and also doing his absolute best to not be distracted in class, so by the time he came home there was nothing left in him with which to behave appropriately.  Totally understandable but totally frustrating at the same time.  Two weeks in and he started to settle down which was a relief.  His teacher has helped with that, working with him and reminding him to focus when he needs to.  Z on the other hand always finds first Term a challenge so his issues have been no surprise.  Getting a handle on the other kids in class (he has amazing empathy and awareness of the other people around him) and trying to work out what everyone's "normal" is takes a while so he comes home with nothing left either.  This year was made harder by having a new to the school teacher and a classroom with no one in it from a previous class he had been in so he was learning everyone.  I've had a few conversations with his teacher now and I'm still reserving my final opinion of her, she seems to be ok about some stuff but there are other aspects that make me think "hmmmmmmm" she is an older teacher, which is fantastic in some ways, but she also has some very old fashioned ideas about stuff and I'm not sure where that will go this year, it will be a matter of waiting and seeing.

I have been lonely and bored.  The house is empty during the day, it's deathly quiet most of the time too, apart from when the kittens are playing chasey with each other.  I alternate between doing heaps of things and nothing and constantly feeling like I should be doing "more".  It's been quite unsettling.  It's not just the fact that all of the boys are now at school all day, it's also that for the past 3 years I have been volunteering at the kinder and essentially working a part-time job with all the aspects that take up brain power to go along with it.  Now there is none of that and while I have a whole pile of things I would like to do around the house, and craft-wise as well, I find myself totally unsatisfied with the thought of it all.  It doesn't help that I injured my shoulder the day I last posted and have been receiving treatment and not being able to do Boot Camp and swimming as usual so I have a lot of physical frustration happening as well as mental.  The shoulder was a soft tissue injury, mostly caused by inflammation so will resolve without ongoing issues in the future as long as I can maintain some semblance of patience and not aggravate it before it's sorted.

Let's just say I ran out of patience a couple of weeks ago....So I have been knitting to keep a grip on my sanity!

Since last we spoke I have completed a pair of socks for young T with yarn bought at last year's Bendigo Show - yes Kate that green we went back for!

I am halfway through the first sock of a pair for Z.

I have added a couple of inches to my jumper at the Botanical Gardens last Sunday while trying to ignore the sounds of the Grand Prix.

 I have started and finished a shawl.

 I have finished the cardigan for my friend J's daughter.

I have completed the first sock in a pair for another friend, M, I'm currently working on finishing this pair of socks asap, hopefully prior to a craft trip M is attending so she can wear them while she is away.  It's a very simple pattern so as long as time permits it should be achievable.

Another half a sock has snuck in there as well for J's husband G.

And a cowl also seems to have begun itself.

It's at this point I sigh and realise I have done an awful lot more than I thought I had done over this period of time!  It's always good to make lists and sit back and take stock of your progress, I can see it is going to be especially important for me over the coming weeks so I can appreciate just how much I am not "wasting time". 


Lynne said...

Yes, you have been busy! I moped around the house after I heard the news about my DD and Grandsons moving north but had to pull myself together this week and Do. Something. Useful. I think I've achieved more in three days than in the previous three weeks! All that to say I understand how you feel!

Drewzel said...

I so admire your sock knitting ability! One day I will finish something other than a scarf...oh yes.

Kate said...

I hope you are having a lovely weekend with your family, and enjoying not having to do those jobs on Sat or Sun that get in the way of spontaneous family outings etc.
Judging by your photo evidence you are not surfing the net all day or playing solitaire or being hypnotised by daytime tv: you are doing something productive with your available time. Go you! Just consider how crowded your schedule would be if you were working full time, and relax into this stage of your family life. :)