Sunday, March 24, 2013

Common catch cries

We have recently let the boys watch the first three Harry Potter movies.  They have been supervised the whole time they were viewing, especially as we were unsure if the youngest would manage, and they have done better than I thought they would.  There have only been a couple of moments of fear or anxiety as evidenced by the high frequency movement of feet hanging over the edge of the couch.    In the third movie it was the Dementors that had the middle kid crawling into my lap, I'm not surprised it was the Dementors, just that it was the middle kid!

As a direct result of watching the movies we now know we have a wizard living in the house: "I'm not a normal person Mum, I'm a wizard" says T.

We have also had numerous wizarding duels with calls of "Expelliarmus" (and muffled yells of "smelly arm pits") and "Eat slugs" followed by much giggling on an almost daily basis.  There have also been requests for other spells to be remembered so they can add them to their repertoire.  I think I'm going to have to look them up.

This morning they armed themselves with short sticks wands and played outside for a couple of hours mixing potions and playing pretend.

Gotta love the inspiration provided by these movies.  We will be watching some more over the school holidays :-)


Lynne said...

I remember supervising DD with movies. Mrs Doubtfire was her first PG movie, My Left Foot was her first M movie.

I also remember declaring that my class would be the only one office third grade classes not to watch the movie Gremlins at the end of the school year. It had given me nightmares after seeing it. One parent thanked me for standing up against the crowd --that was all I needed!

bec said...

oh, my, God, I have it here too! Mine has read all the books and is working her way through the audio books; and has watched the first 3 movies too. Every day I hear similar phrases, I know it's a phase and i'll miss it one day, but sheesh!

Drewzel said...

"Eat slugs!!!!" hahahah!

2paw said...

Yes, my friends' children weren't allowed to watch till the were old enough to be not too frightened. I love 'smelly armpits'!!!!