Thursday, January 24, 2013

A New Year

This year is going to be an interesting one.  Changes are afoot, natural progression ones and hopefully some self directed ones as well.

So far, we've been camping at the beach

and the seam sealer for the tent worked meaning that although it was a very rainy night one night, neither I nor the youngest had water dripping on our faces from the badly designed construction of the tent fly which puts too much tension in one spot and holds the seam open wide enough for water to get through.  Woot!

We also had windy weather (85 km/h gusts) and sunny weather (though not as hot as Melbourne), we had rough seas

and calm seas.

I got into the ocean twice for a swim and some other times to get wet to the knees.  It's not that I don't like the ocean, I just have a great respect for it and don't like to be bashed about by it, so yes the two times I was in it, it was as calm as a pond and excellent for playing throw and catch the ball.

This year was a rock collecting year

The kids are browner despite the sunscreen, two weeks straight of essentially outdoor living including a lot of sand and sea will do that for you.  They learnt a new skill: fishing.

I learnt a new skill: tying sinkers and hooks onto fishing line and threading bait onto hooks.  One cousin even caught a fish but we threw it back in as there were other plans for dinner that night.

The kids chilled out.

We had a cloudy sky with smoke in it that had my heart sinking and my mind thinking good thoughts for those at risk of bushfire.

We have booked next year already :-)

First business day back home saw me calling up three different shelters to see if they had kittens, the children have been very patient about waiting until we got home from camping, they have known since our second cat died in October last year that they would be getting new kittens after camping so Monday was it!  The closest one had the most kittens available at half the price so that's where we headed to and we came home with a pair of sisters who are 3 months old.

Careful Isabel (Izzy)

and Curious Caitlin (Cate)

have been making themselves at home here this week.  Cate has been into everything and Izzy is taking her time and is slowly expanding her play space :-)  They are very well behaved, quite gentle and we are all learning to walk without stomping as they are high speed movers when they want to be and we don't want to step on them.  They are staying indoors for a month and then we will see if we let them loose during the day.  This means we are having to be very careful with the doors at the moment although neither of them have become very interested in the doors yet as they are still getting used to the rest of their surroundings.  We have discovered a multitude of kitten size hiding spaces including spaces we didn't know were spaces.

We lost them for 30 minutes one day before realising they were hiding behind a bookshelf in the fireplace (yes that sounds weird but we have more books than opportunities to light a fire so the fireplace has been repurposed), they spent 9am - 6pm behind the kitchen hutch yesterday sleeping, they only came out because I was cooking our dinner and it smelled good!

Knitting last year happened a lot and I expect it to happen even more so this year as all three children will be at school.  So far this year I have finished a pair of socks for the eldest, I am halfway through a jumper for me

and have just started a cardigan for a friend.  I'm still searching for the right buttons for my stripey Tempest cardigan, finding the right grey is a bit of a challenge.  I have lost my black one in the week between Christmas and New Year, so I will have to fit making another one into this year sometime.  My plans for this year include doing some knitting and some sewing in the form of making quilts and possibly a shirt each for the boys (I've had the fabric for a while now) and sorting out the house and the garden (we have been here for almost 10 years and you could be forgiven for thinking renters live here).  At some point I need to make a decision about where my work life will go from here.  I've never had a full time job (and will only be looking for part time at this point) and the thought of job interviews petrifies me, so I will have to work on that.

So there you go, a New Year, a holiday, some new family members for our house and the welcome news that my brother and his wife are expecting a new addition at their house in July makes for smiley faces all round really :-)


Lynne said...

Hey Leonie, nice to see you in print Happy new year, may it be all you plan and more (good things, I mean)!

Lynne Shandley said...

Camping at the beach (Sorrento? Rosebud? Dromana?) sounds lovely. I wouldn't want to go camping here currently - it's been sitting between -2C and +4C since the start of the year. Brrr!
Wishing you happy knitting and working out what you want to do from here on in. I know how terrifying job interviews seem.

2paw said...

It definitely looks like you had a fabulous time!! I am not a camper, happy or otherwise!!! Oh, such cute little kittens and I can see Izzy is careful and Cate is a rascal. They do hid in tiny spaces. Build them this, MrsDrWho built a smaller version!!!
Good luck with your work this year, whatever happens!! I have never really has a job interview.

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Awwww, kitties!
The camping looks fun, and as for your Tempest cardi, I have two words for you: Dorset buttons. Google it, I think you'll be intrigued. ;)

kgirl said...

sweet camping set up!

Happy New Year to you, here's to a busy-in-a-good way one, looking forward to seeing some of your finished projects soon - sounds like a few are very close to done!

Drewzel said...

So many good things happening, but all I could think was "Kitties!!! Kitties!!! SQUEEEEE!!!"