Monday, October 1, 2012

The School Holidays

We're in the midst of the school holidays, J has taken the four days spanning the middle weekend off from work and it has changed how our holidays run.  There's an extra set of hands around and the boys and I all notice the difference.

We've had a lot on:
*A brand new niece arrived.
*My Dad dropped off an awesome box he made for me for my knitting. A friend spotted one on Etsy and asked if anyone knew of someone who might make them locally.  He made one for her and then a second one for me :-)

The inside with removable insert

The outside with beautiful detailing
 *A Birthday party for the youngest to attend.  
*The purchase of a long awaited and saved up for iPod touch for the eldest who also went off for a sleepover at Nanny and Poppy's.
*Knitting group on Tuesday: an excuse for milkshakes and treats.
*A visit to the vet for the ancient and arthritic cat.
*Cousins staying over and camping in the big tent in the backyard overnight and using the big swing.
* I bought a new cupboard to put my knitting in progress in so it's not all over the place.  It fits perfectly in the space available and both of my new knitting toys fit on top.

IKEA Aspelund Bedside table
*We went out for dinner with friends and their kids that we haven't seen in months.
*J took the boys for a visit to the big new waterslide that opened locally while I met up with some wonderful ladies to pick up my new toy.

Garnrollenhalter-or thing that spins (Lazy Susan) as yarn is used from outside of ball. This one is made from Oak.
*The youngest turned 5 yesterday, he wanted a chocolate cake with rainbow icing.  He was happy with my interpretation.

*Today the boys have all gone off to the Royal Melbourne Show together leaving me home alone for the day.
And that's all in the first 10 days!

On to Knitting:
In the past few weeks I've finished up some knitting.

Baby's hat
Smaller baby's hat

Kiss Me Kate by Mary Annarella

Maree's socks #1
And now I'm working my way at high speed through the next few items and carefully trying to avoid planning the next thing until after I have knitted the boys' next round of jumpers which they all could really do with now!

Pas De Valse for me, done both fronts now needs the back piece (in the
middle of the picture) done.
Monkey Socks for Em's Birthday in December.
Maree's socks #2

A hat to use up some sock wool.
Skyp socks for me.
So busy all round really!


Sue said...

You are super busy but it sounds as though your managing quite well with all those projects. Isnt it nice when dad can have holidays too! Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Anonymous said...

Your dad did an awesome job on the knitting box, it is great.

2paw said...

Love the knitting box and little cupboard and lazy Susan thingy!! Your dad is very clever. So much knitting, you are going to be so busy. Love the Kiss me Kate I have queued it. Have a wonderful time on your holidays, it sounds like there are lots of fun things to do!!!

Lynne Shandley said...

That is a most beautiful box! And lots of lovely knits - I've been a bit slow on the knitting front recently, been quilting and spinning instead...aka I'm not loving my current project...

Lynne said...

You do sound extremely busy. Glad J could have some time off to spend with the boys and make your life a little easier. Congratulations to your dad - that box is beautiful!

DrK said...

busy would be somewhat of an understatement! look at all the knitted things! and i love your new knitting corner, that cupboard and box are just lovely, nice work dad!