Friday, September 21, 2012


So one aspect of the year so far has not gone quite according to plan.  This is the last year that any of my children will be at kinder and this is our 6th year in a row of doing the kinder thing over the 3 children.  By the end of last year I had been a member of the Committee of Management for 3 years and J had been for one, so 4 out 5 years we were helping out.  This year I had decided to step back a little and do a minor role but that is not how it has panned out.  A couple of people who signed on to have one of the big jobs backed out after a month or so, leaving us in the lurch, so despite J's misgivings I stepped back into one of the big jobs.  It's mostly been ok.  The actual tasks associated with the job are pretty straightforward and I've done them before so I'm familiar with them.  The problem comes from the extra stuff, the people management, the issues that come up that need to be researched, the info needs to be presented to the rest of the Committee, and educated and considered decisions need to be made.  We unfortunately have one member of staff (we only have 5) who constantly brings things to us that she knows are pushing the bounds of realistic or possible and then she gets totally cranky if she doesn't get what she wants, regardless of whether it's in the best interest of the kinder or not.  She wants what she wants right now, with no consideration of any of the implications for anyone else or the ongoing running of the kinder or the thoughts of the families.  As a Committee we are supposed to represent a cross-section of the families at the kinder and look at any issues from multiple angles and we do our best.  This last month has been very full on.  Completely ridiculous and over the top requests including requests that have been made before and been turned down.  But each time a request comes up it involves researching and talking to various government departments and other advisory bodies.  So it means a lot of extra work for parents who are volunteering their time.

Now I thought I'd been handling it all reasonably well and at our meeting this week some pretty big issues were resolved in a wonderful fashion and now just need to be followed through on.  It must seem odd, none of this is about knitting, but wait, here it comes...

This morning I knit the foot of a sock, it's the second sock of a pair.  I got all the way up to the toe decreases and then measured it against the first sock.  The second sock is wider and longer.  Apparently while I was stressed I was knitting tighter, and now that I'm not so stressed I'm knitting looser and the first sock fits perfectly, meaning the second one won't.  So I've had to frog the foot section of the second sock and now I have to re knit the foot deliberately trying to hold the yarn tighter channelling my inner stressed self.  This is the first time I've had tension issues due to stress and hopefully it will be the last.  The AGM for kinder is at the end of October and that's when I can put all of this crap behind me.  In the meantime I have to go pick up the boys from school, it's an early mark today as it's the last day of term.  Perhaps the added stress of having the children home will enable me to get matching socks!!!


Lynne said...

Did you ever read my post about the first sock, which fitted perfectly, that was knitted in the week after DD's wedding. The second sock was knitted six months later and was waaaaaaaay bigger! They're not called tension squares for nothing! Feeling your pain!

2paw said...

I'm so sorry, but even though you are stressed I laughed so much at you having to channel your inner stressed self to knit a matching sock.
Oh, some people can be so difficult. They haven't developed very good empathy I think. Really, it's grade 5 girls all over. Or toddlers. I can't make up my mind. Self centred and a bit lazy I think.
I hope that you have a very loose tension holiday even though it means you sock may have to wait!!!

Jan said...

I found two totally mismatched socks a few years ago. Tension again, and not the Australian use of the word in regards to knitting.. The tight sock was nowhere near the same size as its relaxed mate.