Monday, July 23, 2012

Stream of consciousness

I have just spent the weekend in the country town of Bendigo attending the Australian Sheep and Wool show and the Nanny and Ewe Muster, visiting the Bendigo Woollen Mill and spending loads of time with the Posse.

I have new yarn and some of it is already in use and more of it has a plan.

I just took 6 pairs of hand knit socks that belong to me off the washing line and I definitely need to knit more.

The white shirt that was on the line is now back in the washing machine due to the annoying bird which had been eating berries.

The six year old forgave me for not being home for his seventh Birthday on Friday.

The four year old employed the ball winder and swift to convert a skein of sock yarn to a usable ball so I can cast on his next pair of socks because his current pair is too small to wear any more and his cousin might need a turn with them now.

The eight year old is at a mate's house for a play date and I'm going to have to go and pick him up sometime soon.

We found out today that my MIL is going in for surgery on Wednesday and will be in hospital for 4 days before staying at a hotel for a further 4 days as part of her recovery.  My FIL can't be left alone at home so my BIL will be staying with him for a few days and then his two sisters will take turns.  My MIL has been told she will be recovering for two weeks.  We are sceptical, she is 73 and is going under a general for abdominal surgery (not sure if keyhole or otherwise).  We are thinking 4-6 weeks minimum, we will be happy to be wrong!  She thinks she told J about this previously, we had no idea at all!

I have lots of lovely yarn which is making me smile :-)