Thursday, June 21, 2012

A busy month

When last I was here there was a sock looking for it's partner

There were two scarves, one in need of blocking and the other in need of finishing and then blocking


A cardigan in need of another sleeve and a body.

Well the sleeve is done and there's about 5 inches of body left to do :-)

I have also made two small hats, one large hat and a cowl.  The knitting has been flying off the needles :-)

In the meantime I have had my second bout of Tonsillitis in a month and I'm still fitting in Penicillin around eating which is a bit of a pain.  It does mean more knitting time though :-)

After a bit of debate between two cardigans for me, another Tempest  (in the grey and red from the last post) or a Dark and Stormy (in Shibui knits, Merino Worsted-colourway Ink), I cast on for the Dark and Stormy with the reasoning that a thicker, warmer cardy would be more appropriate at this time of year and the Tempest will be cast on once this is finished as it is a lighter cardy and more suitable for the slightly warmer months.  

This is a picture of the centre back cable and twist (sorry, it's not the best picture).  I'm hoping to have the Dark and Stormy done by my annual pilgrimage to  Bendigo, but if it isn't done in time then it will be going with me to be worked on :-)

29 days to go!


Lynne said...

Well, you have been busy despite wrestling with tonsillitis. Congratulations on your output.

Katie said...

Goodness! An impressive load of knits! They all look awesome :D

Sadie said...

wow, you have been busy! all gorgeous, as always ;)

good luck with the tonsillitis, nasty stuff...

Kate said...

lots of lovely knitwear in your month :)

Miss T said...

Nice work yonie! I have started my first garment project - wish me luck! I did the calm cowl (ravelry) in Eco alpaca too which was Devine. Two more to do to fill family orders. :)

2paw said...

You have done so much in spite of your poorly throat. It is difficult to fit meals around taking medicine. Love the socks and yes, I think a warmer cardi is a better option for now!!