Saturday, March 17, 2012

A little at a time

It seems thinking about posting here is a bit of a challenge so I won't, think that is :-)
I'll show you instead what we've been up to!
I finished this on the last day of 2011

and it is lovely :-)

I finished this black cowl for a lovely lady called Jenny

it's long enough it can be pulled up over your head while still keeping your neck warm.

In January we went here for two weeks:

we stayed in our tent, we didn't get washed away

and we went for a big walk and saw some tiny things

after a storm at sea, somebody needed a rest.

We found a mermaid

Once we were home again, school started

but not for the youngest yet, this is the closest he gets until next year!

We've grown up a little

and we've lost more teeth (and another one since then!)

There's been knitting finished up

 and there's knitting still underway

and catching some of the last warmth before Autumn fades away into Winter

Until next time!


2paw said...

You've been so busy knitting, having fun and growing!! I am so looking forward to Autumn arriving, and a chance to knit is the cool again. Love the cowl!!

Kate said...

I love this photo essay! Beautiful knits, beautiful kids, gorgeous friend!

Lynne said...

Family fun in the sun with some crafting on the side - what could be better?