Friday, December 2, 2011

Clear the Decks

Must be December, oh yes, we're on to day 2 already!  Definitely time for another round of Clearing the Decks in December.  I like the feel of facing a new year with a clean house.  It makes a big difference to my attitude to the year.  I certainly wasn't in the mood to do it last year, the end of which was completely stressful.  But this year I'm all good for Christmas (haven't bought the pressies yet, but I'm ok with that), and I'm looking forward to the festive celebrations followed by our annual trek to the beach in January for a round of camping with the kids.

So this year's House Clear the Decks is as follows:
Kitchen windowsill
Kitchen bench (where all the papers from kinder/school land)
Hand washing (mostly hand knits)
Under the bed (mine-where the yarn hides out)
Clothes washing away every day (slim chance but hey lets add it anyway!)
File the filing (currently in a box or two or three in the corner of my bedroom)
Bed side table (including: read the books and return them to their owners)

The Crafting Clear the Decks list is:
Scarf for Teacher #1
Scarf for Teacher #2
Shawl for me
Binding onto quilt for Libby's baby

I think that's enough for now.

So what will you be clearing up this December???


Lynne said...

I'd rather not but I do have a corner of my sewing room that is piling up! *sigh*

Melissa said...

My entire house could use a clearing! I'm not sure I can face it with Soldier away, but I have to because I am hosting Christmas.

So it will be the corner of the kitchen bench where all the crap lives, Miss R's room where the parents will sleep and the sewing desk so I can get to the sewing machine!

Kate said...

Hmm, you are inspiring! However I haven't much house at the moment, so I might just have to make do with the filing. Funny how there is always filing to do...

le@thirdontheright said...

great plans :) our clear the decks involves moving interstate and setting up the holiday house :) exciting times ahead - best le xox

2paw said...

Good luck with your Decks. December heralds the shutting down of any deck clearing here and it is just getting through the month mode!!