Sunday, November 13, 2011

On a finishing run

It's been a busy weekend over here.
Two knitted projects got all finished up - one a long term, large project which I will be sending off to it's new home on Monday.

And the other a short term small project, a pair of socks for my Father-in-Law.

One quilt was sewn together apart from the binding. A trip to Sp*tlight or my favourite, GJ's, is required to find something appropriate, probably a navy or a forest green.  That is a job for Monday as well.

And four Quilt-as-you-go blocks were made and all packaged up to be sent out tomorrow to Jan Mac who makes them into quilts and donates them to various charities.  This has been on my list of things to do since January so it's nice to cross that one off.

Now it's time to pack up all the boxes and crates and hide away all my fabric again.

All in all a great weekend!


Lynne said...

Those quilt blocks are so bright and happy - I will be keeping a look out for them on Jan's quilts!

I went to Spotlight today - they are having a two day 30% off storewide sale. Surprisingly it wasn't too busy in the middle of the day (they are open 8am-8pm today and tomorrow)and I bought very little! Unfortunately, they had no sock yarn left!

Kate said...

What a weekend! How come the kids were letting you get away with all that self-indulgent crafting time??? Can you bottle it and send me some for Xmas, whatever it was??

Anonymous said...

yay for finishing things, and productive crafty weekends! these all look lovely, and im sure will be well appreciated.

2paw said...

Oh, you've been so busy with all your knitting and sewing. Sometimes it is just that way, everything comes together to be finished at the same time. I love the bright quilt colours too.