Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's his Birthday

So he got to sleep in.  Got juice and toast in bed after opening his presents.  Got to have a mostly lazy day including arvo tea at his Mum and Dads.  It's not everyday your hubby turns 40!  Happy Birthday Babe.  His party is next weekend and he's really looking forward to it which is great.  I got him a voucher from Red Balloon to go for a drive in a Lamborghini, many thanks to D who helped keep that one hush hush by doing the purchasing for me.

I have been knitting stuff for me, having a stall at a local market, doing work for Kinder including interviewing prospective teachers for next year, knitting a commission which should be finished in the next 24-48 hours, cleaning odd bits of the house, starting eleventy billion knitting projects, recovering from 4 Boot Camp classes :-)

So, Boot Camp.  It's great, it works you hard, I've been feeling it as a general used all over tiredness and stiffness for the day of and 2 days after.  Nothing odd, just what I'd expect.  The less floppy flab is definitely a bonus 2 weeks in.  I do have to admit to internally groaning on Wednesday morning at the thought of Boot Camp on Thursday but I've paid for the term so I'm not wasting money by not going.  Tomorrow will be class #5.  So far none of the classes have been similar let alone the same so there is no boredom.  The fact that the instructor can't count and says we'll just do this 2-3 times if we have time and then we work hard and then she sneaks a 4th round in just means she's doing her job and we are suckers for believing her in the face of multiple events of  miscounting :-)

So the knitting is continuing, the Kinder year is coming to an end as will my term as Treasurer (trying not to do this again next year), Jules has turned 40 and tomorrow I submit myself to the self imposed torture that is boot Camp yet again.  All is good!


Lynne said...

If you are getting results for your money, it may be worth it! I am so tired, I think I must do some exercise (if I can summon up the energy)!

Happy 40th birthday Jules. I hope you enjoy your party.

2paw said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Mr Dr Bones!!
Oh you are so dedicated, well done on persevering with the Boot Camp. Delayed gratification is hard.

Lynne S of Oz said...

Whoops, a bit of a late happy birthday for Jules!
You are good, doing boot camp :-)

Kate said...

Glad to know that you are seeing benefits from boot camp! and happy belated birthday to the hubby - lucky him to have you ;P