Friday, September 30, 2011


Today is my baby's Birthday. He turns 4 and I'm having a bit of a spin out over here. He spent the day at the Royal Melbourne Show having a ball with his brothers and Dad.

I spent the day cleaning out the study, it needed it desperately and I have the added motivation of my sister coming to stay with her crew on Sunday night so I needed to find the bed so she'd have a place to sleep! Half a large recycling bin full, a garbage bin full and a much neater room is the result :-)

His request for Birthday cake was a Star, so while they were out I baked.

On Sunday we are having his party and he has told me firmly he wants a BIG star not a little one. Your wish is my command baby, stay tuned for his Party cake.


Melissa @ Precious Little Poppets said...

Happy Birthday Master Four!! I hope he enjoyed his day out.

kgirl said...

oh, it's a turning point from baby to little person, the big 4!

hope your little man has a great party with his BIG star cake (and that he stays your baby for just a bit longer)

2paw said...

Happy Birthday, I love the little star cakes, but I can see that a Big Four Year Old needs a Big Cake!!
I, too, had visitor motivation to have a quick tidy. It does pay off to keep on top of things because it took me a few hours, rather than a few hours for a few days, to make things presentable.

Lynne said...

Happy birthday, Master 4! Hope your party was a great success.

le@thirdontheright said...

aww so cute :) le xox