Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's been a while

I had realised earlier in the year that I was blogging less frequently.  I was still reading other people's blogs on a daily basis, but finding the time and brain space to compose a post here was a struggle.  Rather than push myself I decided to just go with it.   It will probably continue in the same fashion for the next few months, mainly because the commitments I took on at the beginning of the year will continue on until at least November. I do have stages of feeling bad about not posting but trying to make myself stick to a schedule sounds a bit too much like pushing too hard at the moment.  So I will not be participating in Blogtoberfest this year as a blogger but I will probably zoom around and read posts from other participants and see if anything catches my eye.  I am still around and will continue to drop in with the odd Finished Object post and then nothing for a while just like the past couple of months :-)

In the meantime how about an update?

In Life
Zac turned 6,

Hunter turned 8

and Tyler is due to turn 4 at the end of this month.  We've had parties with cake twice and I'm starting to plan the next one. After that Jules turns the big 4-0 and we are sorting out what he wants to do to celebrate.  I've worked out the main part of what I'm giving him and have enlisted help to ensure it happens without the secret being given away.  The big boys have been part of their school's first whole school production with the performances being this past Wednesday and Thursday.  All of the teachers and kids did an awesome job and it was a great performance with an important message about being environmentally conscious in all aspects of our lives.  Tyler has had a cough for the past week that has progressed to borderline ear infection this weekend which we are monitoring and since he kindly shared his cold with me I'm sitting in my room all toasty warm writing this while Jules amuses him and his brothers.

In knitting
I have been working on a jacket for a friend and it is nearing completion, it has half a sleeve and half of a knitted on i-cord edging left to go and I am champing at the bit to get it done but am being held up by running out of yarn and waiting for another skein to turn up.

In the meantime I have finished up a pair of socks for Jules

 knitted most of a blanket for my brother's impending arrival (due November)

knitted a square for the Knitted Periodic Table (Iron-Fe)

and knitted the top section of a top down cardigan in 8ply bamboo for an 18mth size child.

Now that I'm at the plain body section of the little cardigan I'm tempted to put it aside and cast on a new scarf or shawl for me, except I'm not sure which one.  I have a couple of batches of gorgeous black alpaca laceweight and some silvery grey wool/silk blend to play with.  So if you've got ideas for me they'd be most welcome.  I'm also planning on doing some dyeing to get a blue based red and a dark grey for a cardy for me but haven't worked out how to do it yet.  Oh and I've started a gauge swatch for the Leaving cardigan, except that was about a month ago and I may have forgotten the needle sizes I've used so far (No laughing Jen). I know I'm up to trying my 4mm needles, but will have to have a look at the needles I've left with the project to work out the ones used thus far.  So it appears I'm in a bit of a cast on mode at the moment with two big projects almost off the needles I'm looking for three projects: something simple and portable (bamboo cardigan) something intermediate (Leaving cardigan) and something complicated (shawl).  Of course I'll probably also cast on a pair of socks and maybe something else as well :-)

Update complete!  Hope all is well with you and yours. Catch you next time!


Sue said...

Great birthday cakes! Happy Birthday to all of them. Love the socks, and the blanket looks pretty too. I go through times when I want to cast lots on and then times when I am bored with it all.

Lynne said...

Nice to see you in print. Don't feel bad - I disappeared completely for eight months. The blogging world is very forgiving! I enjoy my blog much more now than I ever did before my hiatus - perhaps you will too!

Happy birthay to all the boys and to Jules when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

ah yep, just a bit going on there! blogging does that i think, comes and goes in waves. and its obvious youve been busy, so many lovely knitted things! cant wait to see your leaving, ive given up on mine.

2paw said...

Happy Birthdays all round and the cakes are great!! You must knit a Tempest, I get so much wear from mine. Greta socks and baby blanket. Oops, I meant to click through to the Periodic Table thingy!!
I have to write things down about my knitting, otherwise two socks can end up looking as if they belong to different pairs!!