Saturday, August 6, 2011


The new Twist Collective is out and as is now usual there are a number of items which inspire me.  Some of them I *want* to make, others just appeal for some reason even though there is no chance I will knit them :-)

Here we go.....

I find Charnwood by Fiona Ellis interesting but am unlikely to knit it.

Eadon by Susanna IC is gorgeous and simple and so appealing it's in my queue.

Nymphaeum by Kerry Milani is stunning, so light and delicate.  I love the colour and I might almost have something that will work in the stash already :-)

Twinings by Amy Herzog is such a simple jumper with that little tweak of interest to catch the eye.  Another added to the queue.

There were lots of other nice things in there and the articles are always interesting as well even if they are aimed at an American audience.  With a queue like mine it will be a while before I get to these but hey that's not a problem :-)


KatinSpace said...

I love the litchfield cloche hat (and mittens to a lesser degree)

KatinSpace said...

hey i didn't really look at twinings, but it is a lovely little sweater, in my queue now as well.

KissMyFrog said...

Wait, you actually knit from the top of your queue? Hahahahahaha!

I also love Twinings and Eadon, and Kiyomi keeps jumping up and down, shouting "Ooh!Ooh! Knit me! Knit me!"... I just don't know if it would work for me. But that issue is a blog post all by itself.

Lynne said...

With a queue like mine, I dare not even look!

Besides, quilting is taking all my spare time these days!! LOL

Emma said...

Tis a very good issue of the Twist Collective, I agree. I think my picks are Roseling (so predictable!) and Boundless. Shan't be queueing either of them yet though, need to get through some of my other projects-in-waiting!

kgirl said...

all beautiful choices :)

I think the first one would look better in another colour...I'm always hesitant to use green or brown with flora motif