Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ups and Downs

The last couple of weeks have been hard in a lot of ways and fabulous in others.

School holidays were hard.

Bendigo was fabulous.

Coming home from Bendigo was hard, I think mostly due to dodgy hormones.

Celebrating Zac's 6th Birthday was fabulous.

Finding out the Kinder assistant who was amazing for both Hunter and Zac and who left our kinder at the end of last year had died suddenly of an aneurysm was hard.

Putting together Zac's cake (he chose the easiest one so far) and having people over for Zac's Party was fabulous.

Going to the funeral of a wonderful lady gone too soon was hard.

Waking up to beautiful sun shiny skies and light winds this morning was fabulous.

Time for this roller coaster to end.  I'd like a bit of the middle road now, just saying.

So I've been cutting up some fabric this morning to make a simple quilt for a brand new baby sister of one of Tyler's little friends (left of picture is cotton for front, right side of picture is flannel for back).

I bought the fabric a week ago after being tipped off by Lynne, I'm keeping it simple, simple is good right now.

I've almost finished my current pair of socks, I'm playing around with the yarn so it isn't quite brainless knitting which is a shame but the other project I'm working on is a mohair bouclĂ© which requires visual concentration due to the loops but no mental hard work as it is garter stitch, so I'm getting in some relaxing knitting time there.


Lynne said...

Oh Leonie, you certainly have been on a roller coaster ride! I hope it levels out soon.

Yes, it would seem simple is best for you right now.

My local Spotlight didn't have that beautiful, cute owl fabric on the right! Boo-hoo!

Lynne S of Oz said...

Yeah, I hope the roller coaster stops and lets you get off! And that you don't end up on the merrygoround instead ;-)
(And scroatfight has 40% of fabric this weekend for VIP members....)

2paw said...

Sorry to read about all your ups and downs, it must be frustrating. I think you should do some lovely relaxing knitting!!! I'm not even tempted to go to the BlackSpot of DoomLight even for 40% off.

Anonymous said...

i am a big fan of the middle road these days, its highly underrated. i know life isnt like that, but theres only so much roller coaster one person can take. i hope the sewing helps with finding an even keel.

Kate said...

love, hugs, the Ear of Empathy all leaning your way my love. Let me know if you want to skype anytime.