Sunday, July 10, 2011

This week

*I will be washing many loads of washing in an effort to catch up from being away with the kids for 4 days
*I will be Folding and Putting away the same number of loads of washing
*I will be finishing up my Lorelei, all that remains is two buttonbands and the buttons.  I've already sewn in all the ends
*I will be working out which knitting project/s to take with me for my weekend away.
*I will be packing for my weekend away and making difficult decisions like which nice warm handknit to take with me
*I will be doing all sorts of paperwork for Kinder so I can forget about it while away for the weekend
*I will be finding out what's up with the Power bill,  a charge for "Change of  Occupant" what the?  We've been here for 8 years now people...
*I will be filling out loan paperwork and getting it to the mortgage advisor asap
*I will be hoping no one comes down with any illnesses because I am going away for the weekend....alone!
*I will be getting the radio in the car fixed so that I can play CD's and know what time it is while driving myself and my friend Kate to Bendigo
*I will be attending the Australian Sheep and Wool show, affectionately known as "Bendigo" for the third year in a row and will be sharing accommodation with a group of seriously fun knitters for three days and two nights as we knit, inhale yarn fumes, buy yarn, knitting tools and accessories and pretend none of us have kids or husbands at home wondering just how much of a dent the credit card will have in it at the end.

Have a great week, I know I'm going to!


Michelle said...

Have fun at Bendigo! We were thinking of making a last minute trip there but doesn't look likely now. Next year for sure!

le@thirdontheright said...

wow total excitment - a weekend away with the girlies .. sooo envious !! best le xox

Melissa @ HoneyBeeMine said...

Have fun a Bendy! I was going to be going this year, but alas, My Soldier is away on exercise.

KissMyFrog said...


Ally Johnston said...

Have a great time, the week sounds like lots of fun apart from the washing bit.

2paw said...

Have a really great weekend and I look forward to some Lorelei photos, I am planning to knit her myself.

Lynne said...

Well, it sounds like you have a busy week ahead (what's that thing with the power bill?) but the weekend will more than make up for it, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

i hope your organising goes to plan and lets you get away on time and stress freee. have a great time!