Sunday, June 5, 2011


In the past 6 weeks:

Zac broke his right humerus at the elbow, it has since healed and the plaster has been off for a week now and the arm is slowly straightening.  Oh and yes this is second broken elbow the other one was about 15 months ago on the other arm.  He was very frustrated by the pain the first week, broke the "back slab" cast twice in the second week and ended up in a full underarm to knuckle length plaster third time round which he pretty much shredded the hand section of in the 2 weeks it was on.  He was lucky it didn't interfere with his school work, he's a lefty, but he was seriously frustrated by the restriction of movement by the last week of his incarceration.  Now he's just frustrated by the whole "no monkey bars for another 3 weeks" statement from the doctor.

Hunter brought home a viral cold from school, fever for a few days followed by a head cold, which he very generously shared with me and now with Tyler who has ended up at the doctors this morning getting medications.  So far neither Zac nor Jules have scored that one and I'm hoping that is how it will stay.

I have bought a new clothes horse/airer and was shocked at how ridiculously expensive they are.  The theory being that one load of washing spread over three heater vents of the ducted heating would dry quicker than on the two we currently have.  We don't own a clothes dryer and I don't want to spend
Winter looking at clothes drying in my lounge room constantly so utilising the vents in the three bedrooms sounds like an awesome idea!

I have been amazed at the ingenuity of the cat who has convinced the three year old to feed it on demand.  Not only that but the determination of the three year old to get the fridge open and the cat food out so the cat can be fed!  Tyler gets a clean spoon out, feeds the cat and then puts the spoon in the sink when he's done.   The cat has him well trained.  As far as Jules and I are concerned this is ok, because it's one less time we have to feed the cat who likes to be fed 2 or three times a day and no she is not fat, just old and cold probably!

The knitting has continued apace, it's either that or go mental really.  I had about 12 hours at the hospital and another 5 or so at the Fracture clinic waiting for x-rays and assessments with Zac and now a week of feeling crappy with a cold, half of it spent with a cranky 3 year old in the same state sitting on my knee.

So over the past 6 weeks I have:
- completed the cowl, it ended up being a gorgeously long 18 repeats of pattern in an awesome colourway and I will blog it sometime soon.
- I also started and finished two small hats (one in the photo above) for a friend who is 33 weeks pregnant and is likely to have babe in arms within the next week or so.  A third is on the needles as we speak, the other two have been washed and are drying over an air vent right now.
- I finished a pair of knee high socks for a friend.  The pattern asked for top down but I flipped them to toe up and used up a complete skein of Wollmeise in the Pesto colourway for them.
- My Lorelei has also seen some exposure, the back is complete as is the left front and the right front is half way done.  This one is coming right to the front of the pile though as Bendigo is only 6 weeks away people and it needs to be done by then!

What with crappy throttling of internet speed and the usual everyday clothes washing, drying, folding and putting away, trips to and from school and kinder and doctors and hospitals, it's been a busy time.  I'm hoping it will slow down for a week or so so I can catch my breath, kick this cold and do some serious time on Lorelei!

Hope you guys have had a fruitful few weeks while I've been absent :-)


2paw said...

You certainly live interesting lives!! I am glad you are mostly all well now!! I don't have a clothes dryer either, I think they use a huge whack of electricity.
Your cat is very clever!!That is very funny. Let me tell you I am glad The Labradors don't have a 3yo to fed them, they'd be the size of an elephant!!

Lynne said...

Wow! Life is anything but dull in the Dr Bones household!

Hope everyone gets well soon and mum gets some much needed craft time.

OzKnitter said...

Sorry I missed you this week. Hope the medical craziness is out the door now.

Should I point out that Big W has clothes horses for under $10?

Sue said...

We use clothes airers here too and put them in the bathroom to dry as we have central heating and it is the smallest room that warms up quickly. How awful being in plaster, we had to do that last year with our daughter. Your cat seems to know who to train for food - it doesnt work with our cats anymore otherwise they would be huge!

kgirl said...

poor Zac :(

i can't believe it's only 6 weeks to Bendigo!!

and yes - clothes airers are ridiculously expensive for a decent one. But so much more practical to utilise the heating for multi-purposes.

blessed speedy said...

Goodness! Life is never dull at your home
I just got a new clothes airer as my other one "died" from the local mitre 10