Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've just been looking over the blog and especially the Finished Object section and have realised that yet again there is a back log of projects that have been finished but not blogged, so it looks like there will be a rash of Finished Object posts coming your way!

We've been out and about today at the park with the kids, I sat and watched and participated with the pushing of the swing for ages, we have a swing addict in our house.  Tyler has always been the kid that you can't get off the swing.  I don't see it changing any time soon :-)  When I wasn't pushing the swing or providing drinks or snacks I was knitting.  This weekend to next is recognised as World Wide Knit in Public Day/Week so I figured sitting in the park with tons of kids running around and their parental supervisors watching on was a pretty public space!  I'm hoping to get the Botanical Gardens next weekend for another dose of Knitting In Public as well as our usual Tuesday morning group in the local Cafe.  So quite a good celebration of knitting really :-)

Hope the Long Weekend is treating you well and that you get some down time and some knitting time (or other crafting time) I know I'm fitting some in !


CurlyPops said...

I wish that knitting in public day was held when the weather was a little warmer!

Lynne said...

Yay for so much knitting in public (but you know you would do it whether there was an occasion or not! LOL)

My contribution will be knitting on the train on the way to work on Thursday and, possibly, in the doctor's waiting room on Friday.

2paw said...

Well done, I kitted in the chemist while I waited before our official KIP!!
Swings are great, do you do dizzies as well???

KissMyFrog said...

Alas, I haven't knitted in public for a while, and certainly not this weekend at all, as I'm feeling rather hermit-ish at the moment, and am avoiding doing anything in public on general principals. I shall try to do better this week, being as how it's our duty as knitters to spread the word and all...

But the long weekend (and TS) gave me an unexpected gift this morning - the aforementioned husband got up early and rode herd on the boys so I could sleep in - I didn't wake up until 8am! I can't remember the last time I slept that late. It was fantastic!