Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 FO #17 - Jo's baby hat #3

This is the third of the three hats for Jo's impending arrival.  This is the one we want the baby to fit.  It's a nice stretchy newborn size.  This time Patonyle which is lovely and soft knit up on 4 mm needles.

And the trio just prior to being delivered to the expectant Mama.

We don't know the sex of the impending arrival so I think these colours are neutral enough to cover either option.

Vital Statistics
Pattern:  My Basic top-down hat: 56 sts.
Yarn:  Patons Patonyle 4 ply in dark red.
Needles:  4 mm Knit Pro interchangeables with Nickel tips.
Started:  June 5, 2011
Finished:  June 5, 2011
Mods:  Used the lifted leg increase described in the Brainless sock pattern to do the increases, really like this increase as it leaves no gap.
Comments:  This has ended up being a gorgeous little hat, modelled again on a small orange.
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Lynne said...

What a good idea - knitting three different sizes.

2paw said...

I love the hats, all lined up in such a cute row!