Monday, April 11, 2011

When knitting needles attack

I have a problem.

I've been knitting a skirt for a little girl using my Knit Pro interchangeables with 3.25 mm harmony tips.  The knitting has been going along wonderfully and it has kept me company all through this challenging weekend.  I've been going great guns and have added several inches.  Earlier today I had it outside with me while the boys were playing and I was sitting in the sun.  We've since come inside, made scones, made dinner sorted the boys and put them all to bed.

At some point between knitting at 3pm and just now when I picked it up again, my needle has broken, snapped clean through.  I initially thought the tip had come unscrewed, 8 stitches were hanging loose. But when I looked at the end of the piece still in the knitting I realised I could see wood, not screw thread.  Crap. Crap. Crap.  I've broken the needle.

Looks like I'm going shopping tomorrow with three boys in tow, either that or Jules has a job in his lunch break tomorrow because I don't have a spare tip and cannot continue with this skirt without the harmony tip as I get different tension on the nickel tips.

Looks like I'm knitting on something else for the next 24 hours....


2paw said...

Oh no, I had the same thing happen to me with the wooden tips. I break them so easily I just must not buy them again. I'm going to click on your skirt link now!!!

Lynne said...

Oh no! How annoying.

I keep borrowing DD's Harmony needles - I prefer knitting on them to my nickel needles. But I'm wary of buying them for the same reason.

DD is terrified that her 2.25mm Harmony dpns will snap mid-sock!

Lynne S of Oz said...

How annoying! I'm glad it didn't break *in* someone though!