Monday, April 18, 2011

Todays almost finished object

Yesterday the debate was about which project to work on at the Botanical Gardens.

Thank you all for your comments, in the end the skirt won out on two fronts.
*The first being a simple feather and fan motif with 3 rows of plain knit in between the one patterned row vs lace patterning on every other row with the return row being a mix of both knits and purls meaning each row needs to be watched.
*The second being the thought of having a finished project in the offing, such a powerful thing :-)

In the end I put 13 rows on the skirt, a reasonable amount considering the length of each row.  After returning home I managed another 4 rows and this morning I have gotten up knowing that today, with only 7 rows remaining, 6 of which are straight knit rows, there's a fair chance I'll have it done.

The weather is going to be nice, the kids are on holidays and the holiday rule is "If it's not raining you are outside" so I'll either be outside with them enjoying some sun or inside listening to a podcast while they practice playing nicely together with me keeping an eye on them through the window.  Oh and at some point I'll probably get some cleaning done as well (yuck, so not a fan of cleaning, I do it but it is definitely under duress).

The knowledge that my cardy is sitting ready and waiting in the wings is a powerful incentive for finishing :-)


Anonymous said...

im rather excited to see this skirt, given how fantastic your lanesplitter was. are you knitting the cardi to match? sounds like a perfect day too.

Lynne said...

I'm with you on the cleaning!

I hope you get to your cardigan soon.