Thursday, April 21, 2011

The skirt is done :-)

The skirt was finished up on Monday evening at the Richmond knitting group.  I don't normally go to that knitting group as it's one of my swim evenings but this week was an exception because a lovely blogging pal is in town from Seattle and was going to be there.  She had come to the Botanical gardens for a quick knit on Sunday but she was going to be able to stay a lot longer on Monday night.  So I took the skirt, finished up the cast off (500 odd stitches, it worked on the fourth try!) and sewed in the ends.  The sewing in of ends took a while as I was being careful to weave them in in the same style as the Russian join I had used to join each new ball in.  The yarn is a mix of cotton, hemp and rayon so won't felt to stay in place, so extra care must be taken to secure ends so they won't undo.  I'm very happy with the results and you will get to see them in the forthcoming finished object post :-)

Tuesday I worked on my Lorelei and it now has the beginning bit and one complete repeat of the motif in place.  It's a lovely yarn, so soft and squishy.

This is the reverse side
I actually took the reverse side photo first and didn't realise until I inserted it here that I'd photographed the wrong side!

I also cast on for a gorgeous cowl for a friend in Wollmeise.  The pattern looks complicated but it is so easy, it's a dream :-) There is one row I need to concentrate on and then the remaining 11 just follow on from there, it's wonderful.  (It's upside down in this photo)

So I will be alternating these two projects depending on my mood for the next few weeks.

All is good in this knitters world :-)


Lynne said...

I'm glad to hear "all is good". I take it you have completely recovered?

Lynne S of Oz said...

Nice stuff in progress!
Dang, missed out on saying hi to Amelia, back from the US.

Anonymous said...

lovely patterns, both of them. still hanging to see that skirt!

le@thirdontheright said...

you are too clever .... I live in awe in a good way ......another life eh :) best le

Emma said...

Really liking the stitch pattern on your Lorelei Leonie, it looks great in that shade of green.