Saturday, April 30, 2011

Purples for Kates

Something lovely and pretty for the end of a gorgeous, Autumn week.  I don't know what these flowers are but they lasted about a month!

In knitting news:
-The cowl is 8.5 repeats in with a 15 repeat finish point, it's lovely knitting, very easy to read the knitting and no need for the written pattern after about row 3.  Life lines are a must, there's a k1p1 row every 12 rows so my life line is going through that line.  I had a dropped stitch which led to a 7 row tinking* episode over 180 stitches, now I can just rip back to a life line, so much easier on the brain :-)  Of course now that I'm using a life line I haven't had an unfixable dropped stitch!
-My Lorelei is now 2.5 repeats into the lace patten with probably half a repeat to go until the plain section starts.  I'm finding the lace very easy, the return row is a mix of knits and purls but I can generally read the knitting to work out where they need to be so don't have to refer to the chart as much.
-Looking for a truly mindless pattern to knit next.  Something with no lace (Lorelei) and no twisted stitches (cowl).  We have a new tv series we have been watching (Warehouse 13) which Jules has been downloading and I'd like to be able to absorb a bit more of it rather than having half an eye or half a brain on my knitting.

Today is all about the weather. It's the last day in a week long run of 20-22 degC.  Tomorrow it starts cooling and raining again for the next week.  So there's lawn mowing and leaf mulching and weeding and fertilising in the garden to do and bedroom rearranging and clothing upsizing to do inside the house.
Have a great weekend!

*tinking: the reverse of knitting, i.e. undoing each stitch one at a time (knit=tink).


Rose Red said...

The flowers are lisianthus (or something like that!) they do last well, don't they?!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - this Kate thanks you (and Rose Red, too; I need to get some lisianthus for my garden!).

Hasn't the weather been delicious? I need to mow, too, but I've been putting it off because I do so love the leaves on the ground.

Anonymous said...

purple and green together is one of th best colour combos isnt it? so inspiring. unlike tinking. sigh.

le@thirdontheright said...

yes they are lisianthems - spell errot no doubt - I had them in my wedding flowers - ahhhh ...

also leonie send me a street adress - I have a wee something for you best le xox

Lynne said...

Hey Leonie - I didn't know that's where tinking got its name; thanks for sharing! (hurray for life lines)