Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ah the dilemmas

Today's dilemma is:

Work on the 4ply skirt which has 22 rows to go or thereabouts and then the cast off, the catch being each row is close to 400 stitches and takes foreeeeeeeeeever OR work on the cardigan for me in 8 ply on 121 stitches.

I know which one I will "see" more progress on, 8 ply is lovely like that, but the skirt is so close to being done and then I can send it off to it's owner and I won't have it hanging around.

There are deadlines on both pieces, the end of the month for the skirt and the middle of July for the cardy.  Both will be finished in time, the question is potentially finish off one garment today or put some length on something for me.

The dilemma has arisen because today is Knitting in the Botanical Gardens.  Traditionally a knit for me only event, although occasionally I will work on something for one of the kids or for Jules.  Do I break my self imposed rule and just get something done, or stick to it and know I have to come back to the skirt again sometime later this week.....

I know, it's a hard life, the dilemma of which project to work on.  Other people have real dilemmas and occasionally I am in that position as well.  Today, happily, I am not.  I am pretty much recovered from the infection in my ear canal, it's my official one day a month of doing something for me, the weather is going to be beautiful and I am going to enjoy it while Jules has the boys for the whole day.  Dinner is in the freezer so I don't even have to think about that either.  Ah the blessed relief from responsibility.

So knit the skirt or the cardy, that is the question.


Rose Red said...

I think I vote cardy!

(although it would be nice to get that skirt done, and doing that is sort of doing something for yourself because it means you can start SOMETHING NEW!)

Sorry, that probably wasn't much help, was it!

Melissa said...

Ahh, sounds like a wonderful day! I am probably not going to be much help either. Maybe take both with you and work a little on each?

Sue said...

I would take the skirt and get it finished as then you can knit on your cardy as long as you like, or start a new project. Have fun knitting in the botanical gardens!

2paw said...

I think the cardigan, shorter rows to undo if you make a mistake while you are chatting. I love the Botanical Gardens but I haven't been there for, about 25 years now. Have a nice time knitting!!

Lynne said...

Go for the cardigan!

Enjoy your day.