Sunday, March 20, 2011

It was lovely

Our holiday was lovely last weekend.   The weather co-operated with a total of 6 trips to the beach out of 7 possible trips, only one was missed due to it raining.  We saw dolphins a couple of times and other native fauna as well.

The kids were happy and we were happy, it was nice to be out of the city for a few days and not have the responsibilities of home.

I took some knitting and had some time here and there to work on it.  Should have taken it to the beach on the last day as the boys were all happily puddling around making sandcastles and didn't need constant supervision so I just lay around on the beach watching them.

I think we have reached the beginning of that golden time when they are old enough that you can be out and about with minimal supervision and before they hit the teenage years of "Do I have to go?" or wanting to meet up with friends also on holidays, that sort of thing.  Either way I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts and I see many more beach wanderings and knitting time in my future.

I love the colours at the beach.

I didn't get a chance to cut out my quilt fabric because after I worked out how much of each piece I needed to cut and had it all set out and ready to go I realised the blade on my rotary cutter was too blunt and I didn't want to ruin the fabric so I packed it all up and did some knitting instead.  I have since come home and bought a new blade and cut out most of the fabric for the quilt.  I also realised that not only did I have all of the fabric ready to go for the quilt top, I also have the batting and the fabric for the backing as well.  So happy.  So I'm all set and it isn't going to cost me anything in supplies to have a whole new quilt because the money has already been spent.

We came home late Monday evening to this:

Considering it was decreed by Jules to be harder to lift than our car, we're guessing someone hit it with a car.  The bit that's down is accompanied by another section about 2 metres long that is rocking on it's foundation.  The insurers have been rung, goodness knows how long it will take to get it fixed.  In the meantime I hope we don't have too much rain because the postie is still putting letters in the letterbox despite it's current mangled status and location.


Drewzel said...

Oh! the beach looks lovely :)

How rude of someone to destroy your mailbox! I'm tipping their car would have come off second best though.

Lynne said...

I'm glad you had sunch a good time. Pity about the quilt but it all worked out well in the end! (latest two posts on my blog are about my patchwork)

I'm sorry to see the state of your fence.

Anonymous said...

Great beach pics! I especially love your littlest munchkin holding that paddle aloft so triumphantly. :)

Ouch on the fence! Clearly, Vic posties are more single-minded than their NSW brethren - ours is constantly complaining that the climbing rose next to the mailbox has it in for him. I prune it back regularly, but it really does seem to want to take his head off!

2paw said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had by all and I love the paddle pictures!! It is the Golden years: you are exactly right!!
Damn and blast the fence knockerer overer. I must say the postman is extremely dedicated!!! Hope the insurers are quick to get the letterbox and fence fixed for you.
Oh that's a bonus for your quilt!!!

Emma said...

Wow, they must have given it a hell of a tap to cause that much damage! Sorry to hear that was the scene you came home to after such a lovely relaxing weekend.

Lynne S of Oz said...

Oh my. I love the pic of your baby holding the paddle over his head! That is a fab shot (and I don't usually go for kiddie pics!) - it makes me smile :-)