Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm going away :-)

I'm spending the weekend with my Mum at a quilting weekend away.

I should be packing, there's lots to take and I'm leaving mid afternoon on Friday.

I'm hoping to bring back a mostly if not fully complete quilt.

But I've been to the dentist today for a minor filling and since it was in the very back tooth my jaw is now quite stiff and sore so I'm really not in the mood to pack.

Maybe after a cup of tea :-)


2paw said...

A cup of tea always cheers me up. I am making one right now, peppermint, to take to bed. Hope your minor dentistry is painless very soon.
Happy quilting!!

Anonymous said...

yay for crafty weekends away, have a great time! ugh, dentists....

Lynne said...

Ooo! Lucky you. A whole weekend of crafting.

What am I saying? DD and I spent all of last weekend at a lace knitting workshop - but we didn't go away and that makes the difference! LOL

Have fun!

Emma said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend and your jaw and tooth has settled!