Sunday, March 27, 2011

More coming soon!

I appear to be "stashing" finished objects.  That is I have a pile of finished objects again that I have not written up and posted.

Anyone interested in the actual state of play on the finished objects, there's a list at the top right of the blog there, just click on Finished Objects for 2011 and it gives you the complete list.  As soon as they are done projects are listed there with the Rav link and then once I post it a blog link is added.

Also I've added a KnitMeter widget thingy to the sidebar which will keep track of how much yarn I have knit for the year.  I only add the yarn for a project once the project is finished because that's when I can weigh it and calculate the total. Which means it goes up by jumps, but it's a pretty good as a guide really.  

So look out for more Finished Object posts as I get myself sorted out :-)

1 comment:

Lynne said...

2941 metres sounds like such a lot of yarn, doesn't it?

What fun to count your usage like that.