Friday, March 11, 2011

Heading off

We are heading off for the weekend to the beach.

I am taking knitting and some fabric to chop up for a quilt.  I'm going on a quilting weekend with my Mum in April and I'm supposed to bring a UFO (un finished object) or two to work on but don't have any quilts on the go so I need to start one!

It's the long weekend for us so we'll have three whole days at the beach and it's going to be nice to stop and recharge :-)

Hope you all have a good one too.


2paw said...

Have a lovely Long Weekend. I hope the weather is still nice.
A new quilt sounds perfect!!!

KatinSpace said...

have a great weekend :) !

Lynne said...

Hope you have an enjoyable, relaxing, craft-y weekend. I'm going to the Craft Expo tomorrow (with DD) and a Family History Fair on Sunday.

Emma said...

Hope you're having a lovely relaxing (but productive!) long weekend.

Melissa said...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend away.