Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eventful weekend

This weekend has been a busy one in some ways but also slow in others.  My parents came and stayed the night last night to babysit while we ducked off to a friends 40th.  This is the first of at least four 40th's for the year including one for Jules in October.  It was a great night and the Birthday boy was surprised that it was something for him which is great because he's normally got his eye out or nose in on everything going down.  His wife and oldest daughter (6) have done an amazing job at keeping the secret with only a few near reveals that were quickly covered up and he was none the wiser. 

Today I took my parents out to the Eltham Craft and Produce Market and they enjoyed a wander, bought a CD, a plant and some fig and fennel bread (Matisse Bread).  Then we left Jules and the boys to supervise my Dad while Mum and I went across to the Botanic Gardens and sat with the girls and did some knitting :-)  It was great to catch up with the girls.  Mum sewed on some buttons to a little cardy to finish it off and spent some time on a cowl as well.  I worked on a pair of socks for Zac.

Over the weekend, Dad mowed the lawns and converted two Magnolia trees that died in the hot Summer 3 years ago to this:
 The trees now look like this:
 and this:

These pictures can't tell the full story.  My Father is notorious with both his pruning and his poor judgement.  The chopping down was sanctioned, the cutting of the cord of the circular saw with said saw and the blowing of the house fuse, not so much.  The repair of the cord and subsequent use - definitely NOT allowed.  He was lucky, holding the handle and no metal parts meant he wasn't electrocuted.  Was he warned to watch the cord?  Absolutely. Are we surprised?  Not one bit.  I'd like to say he'll know better next time, but that is highly unlikely.

It was great to have Mum and Dad to babysit and help out.  Next time Dad won't be allowed near the Power tools!


Lynne said...

Eek! Your dad was indeed very lucky!

Poor magnolias. Our neighbours had two in their front garden when they moved in but they aren't there now!

Melissa said...

What a great weekend. It's lovely to have Grandparents that will step in so you can have a night off.

2paw said...

Sounds just like my dad, he used to prune things to within and inch of their life and was beastly careless about the dangers of electricity.
Thank goodness it all ended well!!

Kate said...

Dropping in to say hi! Fortunately my dad has never been one for power tools. Equally fortunate is the fact that my hubby is a farm boy, and very handy to have around the house! Which of course gives me every reason to be lazy about changing light bulbs or mowing the lawn...

geoff_tewierik said...

Hahaha you let the old man near your garden and with power tools at that.

Anonymous said...

Goodness. What an... er.. tree chop.

Glad you had a lovely social time though! I miss the Eltham markets, they were always fun to go to. Did you get anything

Anonymous said...

oh wow. thats some drastic pruning. i have a large magnolia that needs a clip, not sure i could take the chainsaw to it tho. sounds like a great weekend tho!