Saturday, February 26, 2011

high speed thoughts

Note: Read this at super high speed because that's how my brain is going LOL!

I feel the urge to cast something on.

Ssshh I know there are 8 WIP's and another project about to start in a week or two.

It doesn't matter.

The sun is shining, I've been swimming and apparently I am still riding that early morning exercise high 3 hours later.

Good thing I don't exercise in the early morning more.  I think it might send my family insane.

The boys are outside playing in the freshly mown (Wednesday) backyard, they are happy and we have a little friend being dropped off soon and then afternoon tea with his parents when they come to pick him up later.

Maybe I should set up a knitting station outside under the tree.

I should knit on a WIP.

But I'm not going to.

Time for a shower and then a stash dive.

Maybe I should look for fabric to make the bag for the kinder kid first.

Nah, new knitting project then bag.

Have a great day!

ETA a title!


Kate said...

Gosh, what was in the water???
I'm on a slower velocity today - there has been washing, and various other actions to do with dealing with clean, dry, less dry and needs-to-be-dry laundry, multiple trays of bikkies were made, then there was an hour or more pulling up weeds and planting seeds, and some lovely Gardener's Hand Scrub, some food, and now planning a trip to the computer shop to ogle new MacBooks... It is grey and cool here, perfect for pottering around.
Enjoy casting on! (PS Can you keep a secret? After all the Tassie talk about Wispy and Whisper and Featherweight, I want to swatch a little something too!)

2paw said...

You're right, it does read like someone in fast mode!! So what did you start????

Lynne said...

Can't wait to see what inspired you during your stash diving!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know the high-speed brain. I don't think it has anything to do with exercise, or I wouldn't suffer from it on such a regular basis. ;P

So, what did you end up casting on? Inquiring minds want to know.

Emma said...

My goodness, you didn't have a can of Dr Pepper before those train(s) of thought started, did you?

Because that's exactly how my mind goes after that drink...

Taccolina said...

Enjoying visiting your blog and had to laugh to see you get one-more-project-itis just like me (and every other crafter). Thanks for saying hi over at my pumpkin post.