Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here and there.

It's funny, well more odd really, I'm finding I'd prefer to knit than blog at the moment so you keep getting finished object posts but no progress reports or shots or anything.  Sorry about that.  Feels a bit disjointed really.  I actually have three more finished projects just waiting to be written up, one was only finished this morning but the others have been done for almost a week and two weeks respectively.  I'll do them next shall I?

So what have I actually been working on recently?

Well I finished my Monkey socks (Rav link) (see above-the week old FO!) in The Wollmeise.  They're lovely and warm and comfy :-)

I'm back to working on the cardy (Rav link) for my niece Miss M who is not so little any more, she turned 1 year old a week ago.  My how time flies! Have finished all of the body with 2 inches of yarn to spare on ball #1 and I have just balled up the second skein so I can do the arms and then all it will need is buttons.  The plan for this garment is to be able to extend the body and arm length as she grows so it lasts a little longer.  We'll see how that goes, she'll probably just end up with another new cardy instead :-)
Oh and it's greener then it looks here, will get better pics once it's done.

Finished a pair of socks (Rav link) this morning for a very busy friend.  The yarn is lovely and the pattern has resulted in a stretchy leg that holds itself up so I'm quite happy with the results.  The pattern doesn't work so well for my high arches but it should be perfect for the intended recipient.

Have had a play with the crochet flowers blanket (Rav link).  The granny squares info gave me an idea of how to join the flowers together so I did a pile of that a week or so ago.  I think after doing that I have realised just how much longer it will take to make a blanket of any real size and may just make it big enough to be used for dolls and pass it on to Miss M for her next Birthday or possibly Christmas.  Very happy with how they are joined, just using slip stitches while doing the last round.  It has meant pulling out the last round on a few flowers to be able to join them together but it's a small price to pay to not have to pull out the needle and thread it up.  Oh except sewing in the ends...they are numerous!  I had big plans for this project, but they have been modified significantly and you know what, I'm happy with how it's turning out :-)

Oh and Zac occasionally reminds me that I have a pair of replacement rainbow socks on the needles for him and shouldn't I be working on them?

I have a couple of thank you's from last year, one from Blogtoberfest time when I was fortunate to win a prize from Megan at Momiji to Mitsukoshi.

I was also lucky enough to win a prize at Christmas time when I won a Mixtape Magazine from Liz at Find, Make, Do.  They were both wonderful prizes from interesting bloggers and I have been very remiss in not mentioning them earlier.

We've been lucky with the rain, it has been quite consistent and constant, nothing too troubling for us, oh except for Hunter who unfortunately left his car window open yesterday and had to dry out his foot well and the seat back in his "seat" in the car this morning...3 soaking wet towels later.  He might listen next time I ask him to shut his window as he gets out of the car, maybe :-)


2paw said...

I think perhaps you get so much knitting done because you are not blogging!! Lovely socks, I do like the Monkey socks, I think they are a classic now!!

dillpickle said...

Do you remember those toffee apple lolly bar things? They were red and green and very sweet and quite sour, and rather delicious. Your monkeys remind me of those! I like them a lot :-)

Lynne said...

Hi Leonie

Nice bright socks! Have figured our how to get long repeats in my dyeing. Hoepfully I'll put something on my blog when I'm done!

Thanks for commenting on my "return" post. Grandbaby is not a baby anymore - they grow up so quickly! Photos as soon as I can get them off WM's camera!