Saturday, January 22, 2011

Instant gratification

Or maybe reward for your endeavour, not sure which is more appropriate really.

I could say we came home from holidays and needed to do some work in the garden but the reality is that we didn't make use of the vege patch this past spring, the weather and my lack of interest were the main factors, so it was left to get overgrown and out of hand.  Just like the rest of the backyard!

At one point we had poppies, they were self sown and left to their own devices.

They were gorgeous

and a lovely play space for the kids

But when taking this photo yesterday

I realised I had an immediately rewarding job just staring me in the face.  It may not be clear to you but I know Tyler is standing in the middle of the Vege patch!

So this morning after swimming and coming home to fresh pancakes with maple syrup and a touch of butter for breakfast, I decided to ride that energy high and do some weeding.

Instant gratification :-)

Don't know when I'll get to planting anything but at least I know I can!  I'll probably follow Kate's plan and put in things I know the kids will eat: lettuce, carrots, beans and maybe snow peas.


2paw said...

What a fabulous reward for your efforts!!! I have two tomato plants that I haven't watered for three days as I haven't been up the garden. I wonder if they are dead???

Sadie said...

oh, you're a brave lady taking on the weeds first thing in the morning! and what a great reward for the effort - a lovely patch, ready for...whatever?!

the poppies were lovely, too :)

(btw, it's kgirlknits - can't be bothered changing out of my skating profile!)

Anonymous said...

My vege patch was looking very similar, although our poppies were enormous doubles in purples and mauves, the occasional scarlet (no idea where they came from, there are many poppies in Tassie).
Now it is sprouting rocket, lettuce and beans. Some other garden beds have been cleared and I am sowing every old packet of seeds I can find, just to see what will come up :) At this point in the season I am going for 4-6 weeks till cropping, so mainly leafy greens.

Emma said...

oh such lovely poppies! Can't wait to see the.. uh.. veggies of your labour!

Lynne said...

Wow! You are keen, aren't you? Or a glutton for punishment ;-)