Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have been doing a bit of crochet.

As a result of the extensive floods in Australia all sorts of craft initiatives have sprouted to provide both funds and goods for those in need.

Various people around and about have provided all sorts of links for ways to help out.

Handmade Helps Out has been reactivated with a pile of crafty helping links.
Soft toys are being gathered for Hope Softies.
Auctions and sales have been organised.
If you are a quilter there are a couple of options here and here.

While I am planning on making some quilt squares, they will be a slightly more long term project.

In the meantime I pulled out a crochet hook and some lovely bright wool and made some granny squares to be sent off to Sarah London for the Crochet a Rainbow initiative.

By all means pick up a hook and some wool or some fabric and a needle and help out if you can  :-)
I have also added the Crochet a Rainbow link to the sidebar.

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2paw said...

Well done, I do think we are all at our best in times of trouble.