Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Here we are in 2011 with yet another year behind us.  Thank you to everyone who has participated in this blog over the past year, your comments and suggestions are always cheerfully anticipated and received.

Last year was definitely a big year for me, not just with the knitting but with the kids, trying out markets, helping out on the Kinder Committee and trying to maintain a remotely clean house.  I honestly don't know how full time working Mum's do it, this year has made me realise that I wouldn't be able to.

My big resolution for last year was to drink more water.  It didn't take me long to realise that not only do I normally not drink enough water, I actually struggle to drink 1.5 litres of plain water in a day.  On days when I do manage it I feel like I'm going to float away.   So an improvement on other years, but there is certainly room for more improvement!

I'm heading into 2011 not with Resolutions really but with "intents".
*Take a step back and gain some perspective.   This is going to be a big challenge for me.
*Be greener: we have solar panels up for power and I'm hoping to get a water tank in some time this year as well.
*Use things up:  soaps, body lotions, scrubs and other bathroom items that have been gifted to us over the past few years, there's no point keeping them for "special" they'll never get used, so lets just be special all the time!
*Sew more.
*Declutter the house: We have toys the kids have outgrown, paperwork that's been hanging around for years, all sorts of things that are just taking up space that don't need to be.
*Sort myself out: I'll be seeking help to prevent a recurrence of the dark cloud I've been under for the last 3 months
*Knit bigger items: my goals this year are to make myself at least two cardigans, one small and one large shawl and of course some socks.  I also want to make the hooded cardigans I have the yarn for for my boys and a replacement pair of socks for Zac for the rainbow ones that mysteriously had one disappear at my Mother in laws house one night last year.

And who can start the year without casting on something new?  Not me :-)  I have cast on for a small shawl using my Moggy and Me - Sir Walter 100% Baby Alpaca.  Gorgeous yarn.  Using the Travelling Woman shawl pattern by Liz Abinante.  I am still searching for the right pattern to use for the Christmas Lace yarn, I figure I should get some practice in first!


Anonymous said...

Happy 2011! I love your intents. They're practical, and make me feel mindful too... (especially the water, I'm the same)

The travelling woman is a stunning shawl to knit and to wear. It'll look beautiful in that colour.

Emma said...

Great resolutions Leonie. Know exactly what you mean about keeping things for 'special' occasions, yet those occasions never seem to come!

Michelle said...

Sensible, achievable resolutions you have there. Good luck with working through them!

And what a big 2010 you had! Happy new year.

2paw said...

You have my Total Support for the Travelling Woman, so nice, so pretty and green!!!
I have become a use things person. I used to have things that were special, then I realised that I was special enough to use them. If they break, or are consumed, they're only things.
Good luck with all your goals for 2011.

Becoming Dr Doc said...

I also like intents not resolutions. Sounds like some good ones. Good luck for 2011

Kate said...

Hi Leonie, I'm pinching your idea of "intents", although keeping it to only one.
Knitting: I love Travelling Woman, it is a really fast knit and very cute (but I need some blocking wires, my first effort was a little half-hearted)
Family: I hope your boys continue to grow strong and healthy and throw you no more little surprises for a while
Life: is for living the best way you can. Respecting yourself, those around you and the world we live in can't be a bad set of guidelines!
Catch you later!

dillpickle said...

Great intents. The sorting out of self particularly resonates with me at the moment - a very good idea I think!