Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crazy Maths

No one would be surprised that I can't leave something to chance if it was even vaguely possible to calculate it would they?

I've been working on my Travelling Woman shawl and have done all of the stocking stitch section and I'm onto the seventh row of the third repeat of the Chart A lace section.  I am nearing the end of the first of two balls of my yarn and I am trying to use as much of the yarn as possible without wastage and without running short.  So I opened an Excel spreadsheet and started inputting stitch counts per row and tallying up the number of stitches worked so far to work out whether I can do one more repeat and then the 19 row Chart B or whether I wouldn't make it.
It looks like I can do it , hopefully by about 2 rows worth of yarn, LOL.  Cross your fingers for me!
As long as the second ball is not shorter than the first.......


2paw said...

Fingers crossed!!

Kate said...

You are a madwoman, but you knew that, right? ;)

Now, do you think you can give me some extra tuition on how to successfully count to four? I'm contemplating another run at that accursed Aestlight Shawl.

Michelle said...

See, that's what husbands who are good at maths are for!

Good luck! I have to say, that colour is fantastic!!

Emma said...

Consider my fingers crossed!