Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 FO#1 - Arden hat for Mel

My first FO for the year was a crossover project really.  I began it on December 29, 2010 and finished it on January 1, 2011.  This hat was completed for a friend and I am very happy with how it has turned out.  It has two types of cables, both of which I did without a cable needle including a 5 stitch crossover with very thick yarn (12-14ply) on 5mm needles.  First time doing cables without a cable needle and found it oh so much quicker!  Loved the yarn, really strong for a single, didn't feel like it was going to come apart at any point.
Details, details....

Pattern: Arden hat by Mikka Tokuda-Hall (Rav link)
Yarn: Manos Del Uruguay, Wool Classica.
Needles: 5mm Knit Pro interchangeables with Nickel tips
Started: December 29th, 2010
Finished: January 1st, 2011
Mods:  This is a thicker yarn than the pattern calls for so I used thicker needles.  Apart from that it's all to the pattern which was simple and easy to follow.
Comments:  Made for Mel as part of a swap on Rav.


2paw said...

I can do small cables which are more like twists, but not proper cables. I knit too tightly and the stitches just drop. It's lovely, with the chunky wool, it looks snuggly and warm.

Kate said...

That is a spunky hat! :)