Monday, December 27, 2010


I've been gifted with 2x800m of charcoal coloured 2 ply/laceweight alpaca.

I have recently identified a need in my life for a shawl.

I'm searching Ravelry right now.....any suggestions????


2paw said...

How lovely, I have no idea what to recommend, I have only made 4ply shawls. I am sure a Ravelry search will find something to fulfil your desire!!

kgirl said...

one of the girls in our SnB used similar yarn to make a Citron - looked stunning! I think the only mod she made was to do more repeats? will ask her...:D

Rose Red said...

You might have already decided by now...but you can't go wrong with anything from Victorian Lace Today! I love the Cap Shawl (which is round) or Alpine Lace Shawl (which is rectangular). But of course, I'm biased, as I've made/am making each of them!!