Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - A year in review

Clicking on the pictures will take you to the relevant project page on Ravelry :-)

All up there were 8 pairs of adult socks, 8 pairs of children's socks, 20 children's hats, 2 adults hats, 2 scarves, a cardigan for me, 3 children's cardigans, a baby's singlet, a face washer, a ball, a pinafore, a shawl and a cowl.  I think next year I might cut back on the kids hats LOL!!!  I'm really proud of all of these projects, just looking at them all in one place makes me smile.

Ixchel Cardigan Table runner Chouwa socks
Bamboo singlet M-B's hat and socks Blue green socks
Lynne's rainbow socks Karaoke hat Jitterbug socks
face washer Feather and fan scarf Knitted ball
Girly rainbow hat Girly rainbow socks Purple and green hat
Pink sideways cardigan Tyler's hat Zac's hat
Michelle's baby's hat GHreen hat Yellow orange hat
Twigs and Leaves cardigan KAL socks Dark orange hat
Rising hat 6 Rising hat 5 Rising hat 4
Fat pink socks Amocean 4 Hat Amocean 5 hat
Amocean 4 hat again red market hat Moseley Park socks
Christina's Samurai socks kinder hat kinder hat 2
Pink bolero Teacup pinafore Cat hat 1
Shelves of Pride socks cat hat 2 shawl
Jules second socks Di's monkeys TTL mystery socks
Tyler's socks Annie's cowl Kerry's brainless socks

My declared intention for the year was to complete all of the 10 WIP's left over from previous years.  I finished or frogged 8 and am still undecided as to what to do with the crocheted flowers, whether to keep making more until there's enough for a blanket or to make the ones I have already completed into a scarf.  Didn't actually pull out the red cardy at all this year, better luck next year!
Of course I'm not ending the year with no WIP's, I do actually have 8 other projects apart from the two left over from last year.  These 8 have an excellent chance of being completed though :-)

I'll be back next year with the plan for 2011.  Trying to keep it simple, we'll see how we go.


2paw said...

It is so funny to say next year and it's tomorrow!!! What a lovely selection of knitted things, you've done so well!!

Sue said...

Well done on completing so many wonderful things! Happy New Year and I hope you have a fantastic 2011!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Isn't it amazing to look at all we've achieved creatively over the year. Your list is really impressive, and I like the fact that you put WIP's into the mix.

Happy New Year.

Emma said...

Happy new year Leonie! I hope you, Jules and the boys have a great year!

It's great seeing all these retrospectives. It's so easy to forget how much has been achieved in a year (side note: 20 kids hats?! You're a marvel).

Anonymous said...

20 childrens hats! oh my goodness. so much colour and joy in those photos!

Lynne said...

A year to be proud of!