Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - A year in review

Clicking on the pictures will take you to the relevant project page on Ravelry :-)

All up there were 8 pairs of adult socks, 8 pairs of children's socks, 20 children's hats, 2 adults hats, 2 scarves, a cardigan for me, 3 children's cardigans, a baby's singlet, a face washer, a ball, a pinafore, a shawl and a cowl.  I think next year I might cut back on the kids hats LOL!!!  I'm really proud of all of these projects, just looking at them all in one place makes me smile.

Ixchel Cardigan Table runner Chouwa socks
Bamboo singlet M-B's hat and socks Blue green socks
Lynne's rainbow socks Karaoke hat Jitterbug socks
face washer Feather and fan scarf Knitted ball
Girly rainbow hat Girly rainbow socks Purple and green hat
Pink sideways cardigan Tyler's hat Zac's hat
Michelle's baby's hat GHreen hat Yellow orange hat
Twigs and Leaves cardigan KAL socks Dark orange hat
Rising hat 6 Rising hat 5 Rising hat 4
Fat pink socks Amocean 4 Hat Amocean 5 hat
Amocean 4 hat again red market hat Moseley Park socks
Christina's Samurai socks kinder hat kinder hat 2
Pink bolero Teacup pinafore Cat hat 1
Shelves of Pride socks cat hat 2 shawl
Jules second socks Di's monkeys TTL mystery socks
Tyler's socks Annie's cowl Kerry's brainless socks

My declared intention for the year was to complete all of the 10 WIP's left over from previous years.  I finished or frogged 8 and am still undecided as to what to do with the crocheted flowers, whether to keep making more until there's enough for a blanket or to make the ones I have already completed into a scarf.  Didn't actually pull out the red cardy at all this year, better luck next year!
Of course I'm not ending the year with no WIP's, I do actually have 8 other projects apart from the two left over from last year.  These 8 have an excellent chance of being completed though :-)

I'll be back next year with the plan for 2011.  Trying to keep it simple, we'll see how we go.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 FO# 50 - Kerry's Brainless socks

These socks were a swap as part of the Australia -Will work for yarn group on Ravelry.
They have the honour of bringing my total Finished Objects or completed knitting projects for the year up to 50!
Picture is of the first completed sock, when Kerry receives her socks I will update this post with a picture of the pair.

Yarn: Wollmeise Twin (80%wool, 20% nylon), Indisch Rot Spiralen
Needles: 2.5mm nickel tipped 80cm Knit Pro fixed circulars
Start date: November 25th, 2010
Finish date: December 30th, 2010
Ravelled: here
Mods: None
Comments: Made the smallest size on the pattern after initially starting on the middle sized pair which were too big.  They were an interesting knit.  A couple of firsts.  First time knitting toe up socks (something I will be doing every time I knit for Jules from now on) and first time kitting cables without a cable needle (surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it).  They required a very long leg (28cm from floor) and the yarn was definitely up to it with some to spare!  Would I make them again?  Maybe with a normal 2x1 rib rather than the k2tbl, p1 rib that it was.  There wasn't really a portion where I could coast along, had to keep an eye on the knitting into the back loops as the yarn is a touch splitty.  Nice socks though :-)

Monday, December 27, 2010


I've been gifted with 2x800m of charcoal coloured 2 ply/laceweight alpaca.

I have recently identified a need in my life for a shawl.

I'm searching Ravelry right now.....any suggestions????

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm here!

Just a quick one to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Christmas holiday season.  Here's hoping that all your wishes for the coming year are fulfilled and that some lovely surprises come your way as well!

We've been really busy over here.
Lots of School stuff: reports, school sports, multicultural banquet, organising treats for classmates.
Lots of Kinder stuff: Christmas break up, interviewing for a new assistant for next year, getting all the information sorted for the new role I'm taking on next year in the Committee, organising treats for classmates.
Lots of childcare stuff:  making treats for the carers, Christmas Party, arrangements for next year.
Lots of home stuff:  Putting up the tree, doing the Advent calendars (well trying to remember to!), keeping up with the washing and the influx of work from school and kinder and then having all the kids home together again which is always a bundle of fun for the first week as they get used to each other and what is and isn't allowed again.

Knitting has been happening even if it's not at my usual pace!  Have finished a sock for Kerry and have also finished one of my Monkey socks as well.  Worked on my skirt some, it's now more than halfway there.

Will be back after Christmas hopefully with a little brain space and a little more time :-)