Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still AWOL

Tyler is gradually improving.  In the end we had a doctors trip on Saturday to get a diagnosis and some meds, a 6.5 hour day trip to the children's emergency on Sunday followed by a night at home and then a return to children's emergency on Monday and admission to the Paeds ward for three days and two nights.  Eventually after 5 doses or prednisolone he was allowed home and we arrived home Wednesday evening at 6pm.  We woke the next day to him with gastro (thanks to the hospital staff who did not tell us the pred is an immune suppressant, thanks very much) and after 24 hours of not being able to keep anything down we moved on to needing to keep the loo clear for the next 3 days.  His asthma symptoms backed off while his tummy was out of sorts but were still being treated with Ventolin when required.  Yesterday (day 10) with the end of the gastro his asthma kicked right back in at full throttle and he was almost hospitalized again.  We were back at the doctors and we have started the prednisolone again and also now have a prescription for Amoxycillin to treat the double ear infection.  He seems to be on the improve whether due to the antibiotics or the Dimetapp or the return of the pred I don't know but we'll take it.  We are still monitoring hourly for the return of wheezes and administering Ventolin when required.
Just to add the next level of fun, Zac woke this morning (day 11) with a stomach upset, but now that he's empty he seems to be picking up.  We can only hope :-)

To say that it has been a hard week is an understatement.  Watching your 3 year old struggle for breath for days on end with no real signs of improvement is horrible, terrifying and heart breaking.  Knowing you can't do anything else but hold him when he needs you and try to get him to sleep when he's bouncing off the walls all amped up on Ventolin makes for a very long 10 days.  This was his first attack and like his brothers it appears to have been set off by a virus that set up home in his chest.  We will have to keep a close eye on him as the next cold may have the same outcome.  If he repeats the asthma attack at a later date he may then be put on preventers but at this stage it is being treated as a one off and we'll just see how we go.  Of course he still has to get over this attack properly before we start looking for the next one.

I'm looking for a new knitting project now.  Everything I have going is not calling to me or currently has very bad vibes associated with it and I need to change my brain space before I spiral any lower.
Option number 1 is the Lorelei cardigan that I have the pattern and a lovely pale green wool/cotton blend yarn for.  I knit up a gauge swatch last night when I stole out of the house with yarn, needles and an outdoor chair and sat in the fading sun outside by myself  for the first time in what felt like days.  I haven't washed it but it is spot on for gauge the way it is right now.
Option 2 is the Lanesplitter skirt which I also have the pattern and yarn for and is nice and colourful and might cheer me up a little.
Option 3 is casting on a pair of socks.  I have 4 in my Rav queue/favourites that I'm looking at but I'm also contemplating just a plain pair in a patterned sock yarn, something I don't have to think about at all.
All of this knitting debate is helping to give my brain some space from the events of the past 10 days.  Something I'm in desperate need of.

In the meantime I have a three year old who still needs constant monitoring and treatment for the wheezing and a five year old who despite an awful start to the day seems to be feeling a whole pile better so I'll be off for now, find some knitting and sit in the backyard with them and pretend we are at our usual Tuesday morning knitting group, just at home.

Hope all is well with you all.  I'll be back, hopefully in a more settled state of mind, when everything is a bit more in control over here.


2paw said...

Oh you poor things, I hope you are not the house of illness for too much longer. There's nothing worse than your child being sick.
I have the Lorelai pattern, because it has Lorelai Gilmore's name. I am knitting socks though.

Sue said...

I hope your little boy gets better and improves. It must have been a very long 10 days. Maybe you need to just knit something very simple whilst you keep your eye on your son's health. We had a touch of gastro here this weekend too which wasnt nice but hopefully it has gone away. I always think the hot summer weather seems to draw in the gastro germs for some reason!

Rose Red said...

how awful for you all - hope things are on the up now.

I love the lanesplitter skirt - such a cool pattern.

Lynne S of Oz said...

Argh! Sorry to hear about all of your boys having what I had as a kid - I'd get a cold and whammo! Massive asthma. But I survived even with 60s/70s tech and drinking my ventolin 8-) And if it hurt my brain any, noone knows ;-)
Hope things are getting better now...

Kate said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetie. This is when I wish I lived nearer to you, so I could be of some practical use. As it is, I can only offer you virtual hugs and let you know I'm thinking of you.

dillpickle said...

Thinking of you and your family a lot at the moment. I hope things are continuing to improve. xx