Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've decided I was crazy trying to limit myself to only 5 projects going at once.  I know I've said that having more than ten sends me into a tailspin, but recently with all the goings on, it has become apparent that 5 just isn't enough.  It would probably help if I wasn't ignoring three of them and one is only worked on when the 7 year old does his reader.  Oh and one just has the wrong vibe at the moment but will probably come out of the bad vibe corner in another week or two.  So if you take out the 4 I'm not interested in and the one that is time limited, that leaves 0.  Hmmmm maybe the count should be 5 that I am interested in.....but maybe that leads down a very long and tempting path.

Suffice to say.  A rash of casting on has been happening.

I'd think I wanted something plain to knit and let the yarn do all the work

but it was too plain.

I'd think I wanted something big to knit (size wise and needle size as well)

but it's annoying to knit when the kids are around because they keep leaning on it which makes it quite difficult to manoeuvre.

I felt the need to treat myself so splurged on some of this in a destash, it was cheaper than usual since the knitter had already split it into two balls.  So I started making these.

I know the pattern off by heart now so it's a nice one to carry around and it feels so lovely, almost like cotton which is weird for a wool/nylon blend but oh so luxurious :-)

Sometimes I'm feeling the need for complete brain immersion though and none of those projects will suffice....

So I cast on this.  I had already swatched.  The first 4 rows are done and now I'm up to the charts but need to fish out my stitch markers first.

Oh and I was waiting on the postie to bring me a couple of skeins.  One is going to be turned into these for K.
The yarn turned up and after a false start (size too big) they are now going along swimmingly.

And then the 4 year old assistant who has been brilliant with our two big boys announced on Wednesday that she has been poached and is leaving at the end of the year.  Her favourite colour is purple.

So if we ignore the 5 projects that have no mojo or have time allocations for, we are left with the six I have just cast on.  That makes 6 active projects.  A total of 11 projects.  Hmm, seems we are back to where we were in August!  To put it into perspective though, there are three pairs of socks and they'll only take a couple of weeks each and then they'll be off the list again.  The skirt is on big needles with big yarn and is quite comforting to knit on in the evenings as it is very much like a blanket at this stage.  It is also 1/4 done already.  So four projects are going to be reasonably quick.  Also only have until the 16th of December to finish the scarf for the Kinder assistant so it will be prioritised up.

Sounds like an awful lot of justification for casting on :-)  Maybe it's more a realisation that I really am happy when I have lots of choices because then there's definitely something to suit whatever mood I happen to be in!
Either way there's lots of knitting going on.  And not so much housework........


2paw said...

I enjoyed looking at all your projects. I feel sad because I only have two on the go. I like to have lots to choose from. Sock don't really count, they are so small!!

Elflyn said...

Loving that cardigan pattern it will look amazing in the green you've chosen.
You can never have too many projects, you need a different one for each situation.
I have hats that I can knit while I walk the babe in his sling. A jacket that is on big needles with 12 ply wool so I can't drag it around, have to sit for that one and a pair of longies with cables so I need to concentrate, first cable project.
x Jen

le@thirdontheright said...

dilemmas !! you sure have your needles full - you are amazing :) I say go forth and knit the world happy :) best le

Lyn said...

I'm with you there. I don't actually know how many projects I have on the go. If I found them all in their hidey holes, I'd probably not feel too good. I'm always coming across a bag with a started or half-finished project and think ah! having completly forgotten about it!

Kate said...

I'm in a mood for simple. So I've started some Monos Locos, and am ignoring every pre-existing project that requires actual mental attention. Feels fabulous!!!

Emma said...

Your Lanesplitter's coming along nicely, it's such a good way to use Noro.

As for the number of WIPs, any number is ok, as long as you don't feel overwhelmed! I max out at 2 WIPs (and I've currently got 3 on the go...), but I'm a bit weird like that.