Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010 - 7th

Met a friend in at the Craft Expo today.

There wasn't much in the way of yarn there, although Stephen and Teresa from Dairing were there and Stephen had a new yarn to show off. Beautiful shiny black cone of loveliness. Their own version of silk stainless with the shine dialled up. I, of course, forgot to take a photo!

I did however get a photo of a couple of gorgeous quilts in the In Stitches booth. Crisp, clear and pretty.

The little girls on the left are Worry dolls. In the middle are the cars. On the right, with lots of circles, is Little Monsters.
ETA: The Worry Dolls and Little monsters are patterns available from Kellie at Don't look now!

I had a nice wander, bought some coloured paper and some glitter glue for the kids and then had a nice coffee and cake with my friend in Brunswick Street, a short walk from the Exhibition Buildings.

This photo is of our little Tyler man. At his party he received a pack of cat faces with holes that you put pipe cleaners through to decorate. He likes to have glasses made from them.


2paw said...

Great spectacles!! I love the quilt with the circles. Lovely!!

Liesl said...

That sounds like a very nice excusion.

I do love a man in glasses! He looks really cute.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love the circles quilt (though not enough to actually take up quilting!). Sounds like a lovely day.

Wish our boys wore pipe-cleaner glasses - SO much cheaper than the real kind, and it doesn't matter if they "accidentally" get stepped on (and what the hell were they doing on the floor anyway???!!!).

Oops! Projecting a bit here. Some mornings there's just not enough coffee in the world...

Sue said...

Oh I see you discovered Kellie from Dont Look Now's wonderful quilt designs. She really is a very lovely person whom I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life, and she designs wonderful things. You should check out her blog too under the same name. I completely forgot the Craft Expo was actually on.

Kate said...

the quilt, the bespectacled boy - oh the gorgeous circularity of it all!!