Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010 - 5th

Notes to myself:

1/ Bad moods due to sleep deprivation are generally cured by unbroken sleep. This applies to adults and children alike.

2/ Putting leftover Birthday cake in the cake box lid to aid in cutting access is bound to confuse both adults and children alike and is very likely to result in upside down cake at least once.

3/ List writing works as an aide to getting things done if you actually do the items on the list and cross them off. If you don't do these things then the list writing is a waste of time.

4/ Occasionally, when you are really sure that the children are not listening to the very, very important life changing thing you are trying to teach them, they actually are.

The upshot of all this is

-I feel much more able to face the world and it's challenges and the things that need to get done because I got a solid night's sleep in my own bed, with the invading child turning up after the essential sleeping hours had been acquired.

-Birthday cake tastes the same upside down or right side up.

-The list needs to be looked at and dealt with.

-The school kid may in fact be able to deal with the current challenge and come out of it at least on an even keel if not on top of it.

The world looks so different from this side of a decent sleep :-)

The photo is from a trip to the Zoo a couple of weeks ago. The boys are trying to figure out whether the lizards are alive or not. They're not, but it took them a couple of minutes to get the guts up to get close enough to check whether they were or not. I spent those same couple of minutes quietly giggling away as I watched what they did to work it out including going to touch them and then jumping back just in case :-) Sometimes it's fun to just watch them overcome their fears and work something out for themselves, especially when you know it's not going to hurt them!


2paw said...

That is such a funny story about the lizards!! Glad you have managed to get some sleep, it really does help. Oh no, I have done that upside down in the container thing and made a huge mess all by myself.

Lauren said...

I can relate to that list! :) hope you enjoy blogtoberfest!

Lauren said...

Oh yes, sleep... I look forward to becoming reacquainted with it in about, oh, 4yrs time?!! I've watched my eldest do that with those same lizards. It is lovely to watch :)

dillpickle said...

Sleep is a miracle cure when you get it!! Happy birthday for yesterday - I'm glad you had a lovely day followed by a good night's sleep! A brilliant present :-)

sue said...

Oh yes sleep deprivation is a killer - that is why it is practised as a form of torture to break prisoners spirits - damn effective! So good you finally got a decent amount of shut-eye. Life is messy - with or without lists.

Kate said...

Sleeep - sleeeep is goooooood

Anonymous said...

oh sleep, how i love thee. isnt it funny how as kids we always resisted, but now i just cant get enough. great image of the kids with the lizard, my dogs are like that with garden statues, it cracks me up. and i also find that my shopping list doesnt work so well if i leave it home (which i do, often). odd, that.