Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010 - 25th

It's been a gorgeous day today. I have been working on my Mystery socks again. I have finished up to the toe on one sock and have just completed the gusset on the other. The last (or toe) clue is released at 3pm our time on Friday so I have until then to get the rest of the foot done. I always find the foot faster than the leg because half of the stitches are often stocking stitch so it shouldn't take too long. Worked on the gusset on the second sock today keeping the two smaller children company while they had a picnic lunch in the front yard. We don't have a gate out the front so they can only be out there if they are supervised. It was a very calm and peaceful interlude, and productive to boot :-)

Cast on for something new the other day. A cardigan for my little niece. It's just going to be a plain cardigan because I have some of Charly's hand dyed BFL/angora for it and don't want to lose the colours. Will take a photo of the yarn at some stage.

I figured the Mystery socks will be done by the end of the week so why not get thinking about what's next :-)

Tired now, have walked to and from kinder for pick up and to and from school for pick up and have been swimming as well. That's enough exercise for one day, time for sleep!

PS Don't forget my giveaway!

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2paw said...

Oh, I have loved the Mystery sock, imagine, a pair of socks in a month and I have barely noticed knitting them!!
Picnic lunch sounds lovely.